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The List: Best owners
Page 2 staff

Once again, Page 2 is letting its readers compose The List.

George Steinbrenner
Love him or hate him, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner gets results.
We're out to find the best owner currently active in sports. Check out our top 10 below:.

1. Pat Bowlen (Denver Broncos)
Hires good people to run his team, then gets out of the way.

2. George Steinbrenner (New York Yankees)
Great, if you're a Yankees fan; not so great, if you're a pitching coach.

3. Pat Croce (Philadelphia 76ers)
Possesses the Three Es in abundance: Energy, Enthusiasm and E-magination.

4. Paul Allen (Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Seahawks)
Money is no object, none at all.

5. Jerry Buss (Los Angeles Lakers)
Currently presiding over his second dynasty -- a rarity for any owner.

6. Michael Jordan (Washington Wizards)
On the verge of straightening out one of the worst messes in sports, and Vince Carter might be on the way.

Pat Croce
Team president Pat Croce will go to any heights to promote his 76ers.
7. Stanley Kroenke (Colorado Avalanche)
Stepped up big-time to keep the NHL's dominant team together for another Stanley Cup run.

8. Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks)
Will sacrifice anything, even his dignity, for his team.

9. Ted Turner (Atlanta Braves)
The ultimate in stability from a man who, in other areas of his life, seems anything but.

10. Wellington Mara (New York Giants)
A man of infinite patience and grace, qualities in abysmally short supply in the modern world.

Also receiving votes: The residents of Green Bay (Green Bay Packers), Tom Hicks (Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers), Al Davis (Oakland Raiders), George Gund (San Jose Sharks), Mike Illitch (Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers).

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