What's in the stars for superstars?
By Andrea Mallis
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From Anna to Yao, from Mars to Saturn, as a sports astrologer I've raised some inquiries, revealed enigmas, and hopefully provided insight on what the stars have in store for the following superstars:

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is gonna roar in 2003.
Tiger Woods, Conscientious Capricorn, Dec. 30, 1975
Tiger's a super ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn. Born an old soul, he's possessed the winning edge since age 5. In 2003, conflict will seek him out, leading to a time of increased aggression and power struggle. Vital energy will be at an all-time low during the upcoming summer. Thwarted ambition and world-weariness, coupled with a high degree of nervous tension, say this usually cool, deliberate Tiger's gonna roar.

Anna Kournikova, Restless Gemini, June 7, 1981
The "Malibu Barbie" of tennis strikes a calendar pose. Anna's an enticing Gemini, like seductress Marilyn Monroe, with her planets in spotlight-seeking Leo. Crises revolving around ambition, desire and misuse of power will erupt. More positively, strong charisma and leadership tendencies increase. While I don't see her fortune changing on the court, a relationship with a strongly fated quality begins.

Shaquille O'Neal, Poetic Pisces, March 6, 1972
A new avenue opens for Shaq. Unexpected turns are for the better. This gentle giant's an Olympic gold-winning basketball player, actor, rap musician, and now, husband. Creative Pisces, ruled by the feet, is one multifaceted sign. Whatever the situation, things occur through unusual and unexpected channels, calling for compromise. As Pisces can be impractical, rash decisions should be avoided. Sounds like a good recipe for marriage!

Kobe Bryant
Will Kobe Bryant's perpetual far-out behavior prevent another Lakers title?
Kobe Bryant, Lively Leo, Aug. 23, 1978
Born on the Leo/Virgo cusp, "Mr. Eccentric," the youngest All-Star in NBA history, will be getting even more flashy in 2003. How does a year of sudden, unpredictable change sound? His task will be to adapt as best as possible. Consumed with a desire for independence, he's more impulsive and excitable. This is a year of fluctuation and perpetual far-out behavior.

Allen Iverson, Capricious Gemini, June 7, 1975
Allen bears a "Jeckyl and Hyde" personality, endemic to changeable Gemini. Which will surface in 2003? With evil twin Allen's underworld journey over, life's no longer a battle zone. Control issues fade, though ubiquitous clashes with authority are a given. When taking his life more seriously, initiative works well. Like mercurial quicksilver, speed and dexterity should outshine conduct.

Nomar Garciaparra, Unique Leo, July 23, 1973
2003 marks Nomar's Saturn Return, an auspicious astrological rite-of-passage heralding new beginnings, occurring at age 29-30. Recently engaged to Mia Hamm, it looks like a long engagement would be prudent. Strong Venus aspects suggest romantic attachments are easily formed, yet 2003 looks more like a time of experimentation and enlivenment, not commitment and responsibility.

Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra
Mia Hamm should navigate romance cautiously, especially with Nomar Garciaparra's experimentation and enlivenment.
Mia Hamm, Idealistic Pisces, March 17, 1972
A compassionate Pisces, born 11 days after fellow "denizen of the deep" Shaq, 2003 starts off dynamically for Mia, with Jupiter fueling self-confidence. Don't set the wedding date yet, as Neptune, the planet of confusion, sprinkles its dust and clouds reality. Restless in her soul, this romance cycle par excellence needs to be cautiously navigated.

Venus Williams, Whimsical Gemini, June 17, 1980
An animated Gemini has Saturn, the "cosmic cop," visiting in May to usher in a time of both fulfillment and difficulty. It's a period of tremendous responsibility and hard work, with strength, patience and endurance tested. It's a golden opportunity for concentrating energy, not scattering it as Geminis are prone to do. Jupiter, the beneficent, graces her path in September, welcoming triumph.

Serena Williams, Lovely Libra, Sept. 26, 1981
Libras are all about bringing beauty and charm to the world, and when Serena strolled out in her sleek catsuit, tennis was elevated to a new realm. Whether studying fashion design or winning Wimbledon, powerhouse Serena's a true artist. This year represents a milestone -- a journey that instigates change. While June seems a bit challenging, the rest of the year inspires bold strokes.

Michael Vick, Tenacious Cancer, June 28, 1980
An electrifying Cancer born on the Full Moon, he's blessed with an extremely strong Mars (planet of energy, aggression) and throwing arm. This running quarterback's star is on the rise. Already getting tips of the trade from Steve Young, this moonchild has the strength, drive and courage of 10. Barring injury, this Gen-X daredevil may very well revolutionize his position.

Michael Jackson, Unearthly Virgo, Aug. 29, 1958
Star-crossed Michael gives Virgo a bad name. Yes, we're concerned with health, but Wacko Jacko and his bizarre hypochondriacal bouts clearly cross the line. In 2003, the tempo of life increases, leading to danger of becoming mentally exhausted. Financially, this is a rather lucrative year, so his Heal the World foundation should prosper. Perhaps he should heal himself first, then the planet?

Yao Ming, Methodical Virgo, Sept. 12, 1980
Seven-feet-five-inches of industrious Virgo, Yao commented that Chinese people have a saying that to be successful there are two things you need: "One is hard work and the other is a little bit of luck." Possessing the work ethic Virgos are famous for, and with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune gracing his chart, this year the Ming Dynasty commences.

LeBron James, Disciplined Capricorn, Dec. 30, 1984
It's no cosmic coincidence that sensible LeBron shares his birthdate with fellow go-getter Tiger Woods. This 17-year-old phenom fits the Capricorn archetype of old soul as well, exhibiting amazing composure on the floor. A charismatic top NBA draft pick, Bron Bron will have his choice of many suitors. Thanks to fruitful Jupiter aspects, this total package has opportunities aplenty, and unremitting windfalls.

George Steinbrenner, Controlling Cancer, July 4, 1930
Obsessed with winning, Steinbrenner shares his birthday with powerful Raiders owner Al Davis (July 4, 1929). A man of many moods, this temperamental Crab loves drama and sports, procuring both with dictatorial leadership. His pockets deepen as Jupiter connects to his Venus (finances), bestowing abundance. A major reality check is also in store for George who once said, "Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa."

Jerry Jones, Resourceful Libra, Oct. 13, 1942
A gregarious Libra, he not only sails his ship, he builds it. Decision-making's tough for this sign, as he trys to simultaneously be Cowboys owner, coach and GM. Walking into any challenge, he'll focus that fierce drive towards advantageous goals. With his second Saturn Return (at age 60) under his belt, he can move mountains, yet it's important to avoid manipulative plays at one-upmanship.

Michael Jordan, Extraordinary Aquarius, Feb. 17, 1963
A mentally tough Aquarius, this unconventional Wizard's determined to do his own thing. While we may be seeing the last of him on court, rest assured, when one door closes, another opens. 2003 will be a year of many surprises. Michael constantly encounters innovative opportunities. He may move to another city, embark on a different career, or end stagnant relationships.

Barry Bonds, King of the Zodiac Leo, July 24, 1964
A dramatic Leo born in the Year of the Dragon, 2003 creates more opportunities to achieve personal goals. This summer, communication improves for the high-strung superstar, as a more diplomatic, tolerant Barry emerges. Watch for his name in the news frequently during the dog days. While able to fulfill goals easily, there's also an aspect looming full of sudden incidents and possible health challenges.

Terrell Owens, Straight-forward Sagittarius, Dec. 7, 1973
This outspoken, athletic Sagittarius travels a path all his own. As 2002 dramatically divided his life into before and after, replete with power struggles, 2003 should be smoother. His Saturn Return starts in June of 2003, an epoch of new beginnings. Look forward to spirited, trendsetting touchdown celebrations and "more signature moves." Dynamic, powerful, and inspiring, it's a good year for taking chance.

Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer and writer, who recently appeared on ESPN SportsCenter and "Baseball Tonight." She writes astrology profiles for the Oakland Athletics web site and is astrologer on their postgame show "Extra Innings." She's also contributed to Major League magazines of the Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers, Rangers, Padres and mlb.com's Left Field. To let Andrea guide you with your game, check out www.virgoinservice.com or e-mail her at andrea@virgoinservice.com.


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