The Mayne Event: LIVE Updates from Kenny's "4Play Tour"

As Kenny Mayne attempts his unprecedented journey through four different events from the four major sports in four different cities in a single day, is there. Darren Rovell serves as our eyes and ears on Kenny Mayne's "4Play Tour" through (North) America.

The Mayne Event

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All times ET.

Stage 8: Kenny's Ice Capade
[2:50 AM] Kenny leaves airport for arena.

[3:15 AM] Kenny arrives at the General Motors Place arena in Vancouver, 2 hours, 38 min. after the end of the game between the Wild and the Canucks.

[3:16 AM] Kenny walks in and asks: "Did we miss it?"

[3:20 AM] Kenny sits on the Zamboni and laments missing the game.

[3:23 AM] Kenny puts on ice shoes and walks out onto the ice.

[3:25 AM] Kenny and Ferdie, the arena's supervisor of housekeeping, shipping and receiving, talk about the game.

[3:27 AM] Kenny persuades Ferdie to skate with him.

[3:35 AM] Kenny puts a wrap on his adventure, 21 hours, 5 min. after his wake-up call in a Times Square hotel.

Stage 7: On to Canada!
[10:47 PM] Kenny and his entourage head back to John Wayne Airport in a desperate attempt to get to Vancouver before the end of the Stanley Cup playoff game between the Wild and the Canucks.

[10:58 PM] The Wild and Canucks start the second period in a scoreless tie.

[11:25 PM] Kenny boards plane for Vancouver.

[11:42 PM] Plane takes off.

[11:50 PM] Kenny appears by phone on ESPN2 during the second intermission of the Wild-Canucks playoff game. When the broadcasters say Kenny's plane is over Northern California, Kenny says: "That would be quite an exaggeration."

[11:55 PM] Kenny to his comrades: "Let's show some initiative and head to Vegas."

[12:03 AM Monday] Kenny and company are flying at 42,500 feet, just past Bakersfield, Calif., home of Buck Owens. They are 2 hours, 15 min. from Vancouver. Meanwhile, the Wild lead the Canucks 3-1 in the 3rd period.

[12:37 AM] Game ends, with Wild defeating Canucks 3-2.

[12:39 AM] Kenny: "I'm so bored at this point that the flight tracker info is getting entertaining."

[12:53 AM] Kenny and crew realize the hockey game is over. They salute the Wild.

[12:58 AM] Kenny says: "It's almost better that we tried and failed then not to have tried at all."

[1:12 AM] The plane passes over Summer Lake in southern Oregon. Kenny is one hour, ten min. from Vancouver. He is pressing on toward his goal.

[1:25 AM] Good news in the Pacific Northwest. Kenny calls his sister and talks to his nephew, who is excited about a big date.

[1:27 AM] Kenny calls SportsCenter to touch base before appearing on the show. He says to a colleague: "It's just another work day. We're proud to be doing it for the company. I'm sure other people are worse off than us. I just can't name any of them right now."

[1:40 AM] Kenny goes on the air by phone with SportsCenter anchor John Anderson. When John mentions that other explorers also have failed, Kenny agrees: "I think Balboa had to go back a couple of times."

[2:17 AM] Plane touches down in Vancouver. Kenny has logged 3,869 miles in the air.

[2:25 AM] The pilot, Andy, informs Kenny that he and his group will not have to go thru customs.

[2:32 AM] Kenny deplanes.

Stage 6: Kenny grabs a bat as Jenny looks on
[8:14 PM] As Kenny approaches Arizona air space on his way to Anaheim, the Angels' John Lackey makes the game's first pitch to the Red Sox' Johnny Damon.

[9:10 PM] While flying over Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Kenny makes his third midair ESPN Radio appearance, this time with Trey Wingo and Sean Salisbury. Kenny tells Trey and Sean: "We're celebrating all the rights that ESPN has for the greater glory of ESPN."

Kenny Mayne
Kenny hustles off the field with an Angel bat.
[9:27 PM] Kenny puts on his baseball shoes and MLB logo socks, garb he previously wore at the MLB All-Star game. He says: "I used to play softball but then the children came and I retired. I played in two celebrity events with these and I sucked."

[9:54 PM] Plane lands at John Wayne Airport. The Red Sox-Angels game is in the top of the 7th inning, with Boston on top 4-1. Kenny is 20 minutes from Edison International Field in Anaheim.

[10:16 PM] Kenny arrives at ballpark. The Angels trail the Red Sox 4-2 in the top of the 8th.

[10:26 PM] Kenny puts on an Angels uniform, with the help of Ken, the clubhouse manager, and gets ready to go onto the field.

[10:27 PM] Yankees fan Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Sox fan Ben Affleck, are at the game, so Ken dares Kenny to say hi to J-Lo when he goes on the field.

[10:29 PM] Kenny runs onto the field as an Angels batboy. He collects Adam Kennedy's bat after Kennedy singles. When he runs back to the dugout, he shouts hello to J-Lo.

Kenny Mayne
Kenny says hi to J-Lo and Ben Affleck.
[10:34 PM] As in Boston, Kenny appears to be a good luck charm for the home team -- a Garret Anderson double brings home a run for the Angels, who now trail 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th. Kenny continues his stellar work as a batboy.

[10:37 PM] Kenny appears on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, talking to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan from the Angels' dugout.

[10:40 PM] Kenny undresses in Angels' locker room.

[10:46 PM] Kenny leaves the ballpark.

Stage 5: Kenny goes coast to coast
[2:10 PM] Kenny arrives at Boston's Logan Airport for his flight to Anaheim. If all goes well, Kenny will take the field as a batboy or a ballboy during ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball game between the Red Sox and the Angels.

[2:22 PM] Kenny boards plane for Anaheim.

[2:39 PM] Plane takes off.

[2:46 PM] Kenny selects "Best in Show" as the in-flight movie.

[3:14 PM] Kenny goes on the ESPN Gameday radio show, with Gary Miller and Shelley Smith. Kenny says: "This is one of the greatest boondoggles in the history of TV. But it's good for promotion, and in that way it makes sense."

[3:17 PM] Kenny tells Gary and Shelley he is very optimistic he can get to Anaheim before the game is over. But he says it will be touch and go getting to Vancouver before the hockey game ends.

[3:35 PM] The pilots, Dave and Steve, explain why they will be refueling in Salina, Kan. Dave, a Diamondbacks fan, says it's because there are three fuel companies in Salina that compete with each other, so they give the pilots free steak or a bottle of wine. Steve, a Mariners fan, says that in the 1970s and '80s, women in bikinis refueled the planes to entice the pilots to land there.

Steve reports that they filled up with 315 gallons of fuel in Boston at $3.41 a gallon. Total cost: $1,258.

[4:14 PM] "Best in Show" ends.

[4:40 PM] The plane is 30 miles past South Bend, Ind. Info screens in the cabin reveal that the plane's altitude is 43,000 feet, the speed is 452 MPH, and the outside temperature is minus-80 degrees.

[5:02 PM] The plane passes directly over the Lincoln Home National Historical Site in Springfield, Ill.

[5:07 PM] The pilots say the plane is on course to land in Salina, Kan., for refueling at 6:05.

[5:20 PM] Kenny does another spot on ESPN Radio: "I don't know anything other than we're going west. . . . Is the whole nation behind this thing at this point? Is it really taking off?"

[5:58 PM] Kenny says: "It's pretty clear we can't stay at the baseball game for more five minutes if we're going to make it to Vancouver while the game is still going."

[6:12 PM] The plane lands in Salina, Kan. for refueling. Kenny notes: "It's definitely bigger than I thought."

[6:33 PM] Steve, who has been serving as copilot, takes over as pilot from Dave.

[6:48 PM] Plane takes off for the John Wayne Airport in Santa Anna, Calif.

[6:54 PM] Kenny selects "Black Hawk Down" as the in-flight movie.

[7:03 PM] Kenny eats a deli sandwich and chips, and finds renewed energy.

[7:41 PM] Kenny notes it's been 12 hours since the first meeting of the day. Wonders if he's getting overtime pay.

[7:54 PM] Plane flies over Las Vegas, N.M. The copilot, Dave, says that Patrick Swayze used to have a ranch there.

[7:55 PM] Dave says the plane is about 1:50 away from the airport, meaning Kenny will touch down at about 9:45 ET.

[8:01 PM] Realizing the urgency of Kenny's situation, Dave calls air traffic control to get a shorter route. He gets a new route that will save Kenny five minutes.

[8:05 PM] Kenny says: "I feel great and I'm getting stronger by the minute."

Stage 4: Kenny mops up as the Celtics tear it up
[1:22 PM] Kenny arrives at Fleet Center for the second half of the Indiana-Boston game. He is supposed to serve as a towel boy.

A fan stands up and turns the tide for Boston.
[1:25 PM] Kenny puts on a Celtics cap and Celtics t-shirt.

[1:28 PM] Kenny arrives courtside.

[1:35 PM] Kenny meets his fellow towel boys and girls.

[1:44 PM] Since Kenny put on green, Celtics are on a 15-4 run. Celtics trail 52-51.

[1:47 PM] A fan holds up a poster saying, "ESPNBA's Mayne Event."

[1:49 PM] Kenny mops the floor with a towel under the Pacers basket.

[1:50 PM] Kenny is shown on the Fleet Center Jumbotron.

Kenny Mayne
Kenny cleans up in the paint.
[1:52 PM] Celtics take a 62-58 lead on an Antoine Walker 3-pointer. The Celtics are on a 26-10 run since Kenny's arrival.

[1:54 PM] Kenny appears live on ESPN to fill in viewers on his adventure.

[2:01 PM] As the third quarter ends, Kenny leaves the Fleet Center to fly to Anaheim for the Red Sox-Angels game. While Kenny was in the house, the Celtics went on a 37-14 run to take the lead, 73-62.

Stage 3: Kenny to Boston, stat!
[11:13 AM] Kenny jumps in car for heliport.

[11:31 AM] Kenny stages a fight and kicks someone off the trip. The pressure appears to be getting to him.

[11:42 AM] Kenny climbs into helicopter to go to airport.

[11:43 AM] Kenny says to Bob, the helicopter pilot: "You've done this before, right?"

[11:44 AM] Helicopter lifts off.

[11:48 AM] Arrives at Teterboro airport.

[11:50 AM] Kenny meets Dave and Steve, the pilots for his flight to Boston.

[11:55 AM] Kenny boards plane.

[12:01 PM] Recorded message delivers safety instructions to plane's passengers.

[12:07 PM] Kenny wonders: "Did anyone listen to the safety instructions?"

[12:11 PM] Plane takes off.

[12:13 PM] Plane encounters turbulence.

[12:14 PM] Kenny asks: "Anyone else feel like they're gonna throw up?"

[12:42 PM] Kenny changes clothes, going from dress to casual. He puts on a U.S. Secret Service t-shirt and khaki pants.

[12:44 PM] Kenny: "You want to see something funny? These aren't my pants." Turns out the cleaners gave him the wrong pants. "I just saw the color and figured they'd work." Now his whole wardrobe is screwed up -- he has to wear his Anaheim jeans in Boston.

[12:48 PM] Plane touches down at Boston's Logan Airport.

[1:02 PM] Kenny and his posse are excited to see a red, white and blue Hummer limo with an American flag waiting. But it's not for them. They climb into their plain black car.

[1:07 PM] Kenny spots some kids playing soccer, and tells the driver to stop the car. He gets out and talks to the kids, who are practicing for a league game. Kenny asks if ESPN can buy the soccer league. One of the players, Fernando, replies that they'll have to talk to the league commissioner.

Meanwhile, the Pacers lead the Celtics 48-36 at halftime. With some luck, Kenny and crew can make it to the Fleet Center by the third quarter for Kenny's stint as a towel boy.

Stage 2: Kenny kicks off Day Two of the NFL Draft
[11:07 AM] Kenny gets in place under the podium, awaiting the card from the Cincinnati Bengals that will reveal the Bengals' draft selection.

[11:09 AM] Kenny gets the card, walks up the steps, and has a short conference with NFL Director of Operations Gene Washington. Crowd chuckles when they see Kenny talking to Washington. Washington goes to the podium and says to crowd, "You like that" (referring to Kenny's shenanigans).

[11:10 AM] Washington announces that, according to the card Kenny has handed him, with the first pick of the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Dennis Weathersby of Oregon State.

[11:11 AM] Kenny leaves Madison Square Garden to wait for a car to take him to the heliport.

Stage 1: Kenny puts on his game face
[6:30 AM] Phone rings. Wake-up call. Kenny grunts. They offer to call back in 15 minutes. Kenny accepts. Rolls over. Goes back to sleep.

[6:45 AM] Phone rings. Wake-up call. This one takes. Kenny awakens, more or less.

[7:30 AM] Kenny is due for a meet-up in the hotel lobby.

[7:41 AM] Kenny arrives.

[7:43 AM] Kenny and entourage hit the hotel restaurant. All 80 tables are empty. Kenny wonders aloud: "Do you think we'll any trouble getting a table?"

[7:46 AM] Kenny: "I've got bags under my eyes already. Not good."

[7:53 AM] Kenny's frozen strawberry drink arrives. He slurps it down without a straw.

[7:55 AM] Straw arrives. Waiter looks at Kenny with disgust.

[7:56 AM] Kenny: "I know this whole thing was publicized, but I can't believe we're actually doing it. It's sort of like a non-event. You know, like the Bud Bowl."

[7:59 AM] Kenny considers ordering the Citrus Silver-Dollar Pancakes with Port Wine Reduction ($11).

[8:03 AM] Kenny orders a waffle with a thick cut of Applewood bacon ($9).

[8:07 AM] Kenny recalls that the last time he did something this, he slid across the stage at the ESPYs: "About 14 percent of the people laughed, and now I'm banned from the ESPYs. If this goes the same way, it's pretty clear that ESPN's gonna lose the rights to the draft."

[8:09 AM] Kenny finds out Pedro Martinez is pitching for the Red Sox in Anaheim, the third stop on Kenny's journey. Kenny realizes that a typical game from Martinez might end before he can make it from Boston to Anaheim. Kenny starts hoping for a bad game from Pedro. Maybe a few walks. Maybe he gets shelled. Some long at-bats. Maybe a beanball brawl.

[8:13 AM] Kenny's breakfast arrives.

[8:18 AM] Kenny is asked if he's ever been on a helicopter. Kenny says: "Twice. Once to go to the Bobby Rahal retirement dinner. The other time was when I was five, at Disneyland. I remember the Rahal retirement dinner because I did a great job as emcee until I forgot to introduce Rahal. I'm still not clear on whether the Disneyland helicopter was real or just a ride. But when I got older my dad and I talked about it as if it were real."

[8:28 AM] As Kenny and his posse are leaving the restaurant, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and ESPN analyst Dennis Green arrive.

Dennis says: "Hey, Kenny."

Kenny: "Hey."

Dennis: "Looks like a good day. At least it won't be longer than yesterday."

Kenny: "Oh, we have a bit of a different kind of day."

Tagliabue mumbles indecipherably.

[8:55 AM] Kenny arrives downstairs. The car is not there. Aubrey, who works for a car service, asks if Kenny ordered a car. Kenny says yes, but from a different car service.

Aubrey says: "You guys should've used us."

Kenny replies: "We figured we'd start with a mistake to make it more of a challenge."

[9:03 AM] Kenny: "When in doubt, call the wife." Kenny calls wife. Kenny appears mildly excited. Kenny reports: "She killed a spider in my absence with one of those toy dustpans that my children pretend to clean up with."

[9:05 AM] Car arrives. Driver tells us he had been waiting at the wrong hotel since 8:15.

[9:16 AM] Kenny arrives at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, where the NFL draft is being held.

[9:20 AM] Kenny begins the rehearsal for his big moment at the NFL draft. Shortly after 11:00, Kenny is supposed to hand a card to NFL Director of Operations Gene Washington. The card will reveal the first pick of the 4th round of the draft.

[9:50 AM] Kenny meets with Gene Washington.

Kenny: "Don't worry, I'll be quick."

Gene: "Take your time. Get your airtime. So where have you gone already?"

Kenny: "Nowhere. This is the first stop."

[10:03 AM] Kenny's rehearsals continue.

[10:05 AM] When asked about Gene Washington's laidback manner, Kenny says: "They told me to be respectful and that Gene Washington was pretty conservative, but he was a cupcake. I definitely think I can get away with more now."

[10:10 AM] Kenny sneaks up to the podium to poke around. He sees the master list of teams picking today. He wonders if he can switch things around to get his beloved Seahawks more picks.

[10:39 AM] Kenny appears live on SportsCenter interviewing Earl Biederman, the scout for the Cincinnati Bengals. Kenny asks whether the Bengals are allowed to take three or four picks at a time or pick players who were selected yesterday.

Biederman: "No."

[10:40 AM] Kenny asks Biederman if they've ever drafted Secretariat or anyone else like that.

Biederman: "We drafted the Ayatollah one year."

Kenny: "Did you get a few good years out of him?"

Darren Rovell is's sports business reporter and a contributor to Page 2.


 The Mayne Event: 4Play Tour
A crestfallen Kenny Mayne arrives in Vancouver two hours to late.
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 The Mayne Event: 4Play Tour
Kenny, Jenny and Benny all in Anaheim.
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 The Mayne Event: 4Play Tour
Kenny Mayne mops up in Beantown.
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 The Mayne Event: 4Play Tour
Kenny Mayne kicks off Day Two of the NFL Draft.
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