Happy nude year!
By Jeff Merron
Page 2 staff

They're everywhere -- athletes, and athletic supporters, posing in the buff to raise money for their favorite causes -- in some cases, themselves. So, if you're looking for a special gift for that special someone -- and want to do some good in the world -- we've provided this wonderful guide to what's available.

Let's hope you're not checking out the horse.
Naked nude Norwegian women's soccer players
Norwegian women's soccer team Fl°ya prints 1,000 copies of their 2004 calendar, which features the players posing sans kit. One even does a fair impression of a confused Lady Godiva.

The item looks like it will sell out, and the team's marketing director, Ole-Morten Johansen, appears surprised at the calendar's success. He tells TV 2 Nettavisen. "The interest has been enormous," adding, "We have received orders from Kristiansand, Bergen, and Trondheim. Yes, even one order from Sweden."

For the kids
Sports gear is front-and-center in the Ladybridge Park Nude Sports Calendar, featuring, according to the Stockport (U.K.) Express, "Cheadle Hulme wives and mums" (badmintors, mostly) and men who play in the local Sunday football league.

The calendar, to raise money for the Francis House Children's Hospice, features "models" aged 18-56, who pose before strategically-placed golf carts, golf clubs, and footballs.

Vail's "R Games"
In Jan., Vail welcomes the Winter X Games. But the town is already preparing for the new year with the 2004 Vail Undressed calendar -- another charity effort -- that includes that famous reality TV couple, Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn, on the November and December pages. But other months are more sporty, featuring the Eagle Mountain runners (March), the Vail Valley Babes on Bikes (July), and the Team High Maintenance Mountain Bikers (Sept.)

Inspired by the movie
Well, we've got plenty of movies "Inspired by" true stories. And now we've got nude calendars inspired by a movie which was inspired by a true story.

Sorry, we couldn't find a picture of a scrum.
For example: Twenty women from South Cheshire (UK) pose in the buff to raise money for the Congleton Rugby Union Club and for breast cancer research. Why? They're paying homage to "Calendar Girls," a flick based on the Rylstone Women, whose nude fundraising calendar outsold those produced by Britney Spears and Cindy Crawford.

According to the Sentinal (UK), most of the women, who are in their 30s, "have posed in a pitch tackle, rugby scrum and other group shots."

Inspired by the movie (Part 2)
Apparently, "Calendar Girls" has had a huge cultural influence in the U.K. The Westwood Deaconians Rugby Club has put out a calendar to raise money for a new clubhouse in Peterborough.

This calendar is all rugby guys, reports the Peterborough (UK) Evening Telegraph. And boy, did the photographer have fun.

"The cheeky poses were caught on camera by photography student Gillian Rowell (21), girlfriend of the team's scrum half, Celfyn John (23)," reports the Evening Telegraph.

'They were obviously used to getting their kit off and were running around chasing each other," she says. "It was so funny -- I couldn't stop giggling. I've never seen so many naked men in my life."

(Insert your corny/obvious "pole" joke here)
The VaultGirls -- Olympian Mel Mueller, 2000 NCAA champ Tracy O'Hara, Mary Sauer, Jillian Schwartz, Jill Starkey, and Olympian Kellie Suttle -- pose in a calendar that features them both in action and in, um, what Mueller describes as "more artistic" poses.

Mueller tells Track and Field News, "The first time I tried it, it was like, 'wow.' It's such a rush ... It's a feeling that's indescribable. It seems like it takes forever to come down. There's no feeling like that."

She's talking about pole vaulting. But just thinking about her saying that has us reaching for our wallet to support the cause. The women combined to form the VaultGirls, and the calendar is part of their fundraising effort for the 2004 Olympics.

Actually, the vaulters, when not shown in competition, pose relatively modestly -- in bikinis, or with hands strategically placed.

Men of Rappahannock
"We were willing to do it for the kids." Say no more. Please.
Where's your helmet?
As part of an effort to raise $250,000 to build a track at Rappahannock County High School in Virginia, 5,000 copies of "The Men of Rappahannock County," a 2004 calendar, are printed. Among the poseurs: Bill Dietel, 76, one of the five "Lunch Bunch" men who bare all. He tells the Rappahannock News, "I think all of us did it for the sake of the cause. We were willing to do it for the kids."

The idea for the calendar came from Cathy Kreyling, whose 15-year-old daughter is on the school's winning girls track team. "We are the only school in the district that doesn't have a track and one of the few in the state," Mrs. Krelying tells the newspaper. "We can never have a track meet here because there are no facilities."

Unfortunately, the first photo shoot, in early Sept., didn't go so well. One model, wearing only boots aboard an antique Harley Davidson, found himself answering to a police officer after residents complained. The cop's first question: "Where's your helmet?"

We won't joke around about this one
Six-time world snooker champion Steve Davis takes it all off for the "Dare to Bare" calendar, a fundraiser to raise money for The Orchid Cancer Appeal, which focuses on testicular and prostate cancer. Davis has been involved with the Cancer Appeal for seven years. The charity was founded by Colin Osborne, one of Davis's former snooker club-mates, and has among its celebrity supporters former Wimbledon champ Pat Cash, former World Middleweight Boxing champ John Conteh, golfer Colin Montgomerie, and several players from England's 1966 World Cup championhip team.

It's hard work, if you can get it
After the wild success of last year's lingerie calendar, the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have become celebrities, featured in photo spreads for the laddie mags and inspiring all kinds of "behind the scenes" articles. The Ladie Birds' revealing new unis also got plenty of attention when they debut in September.

The 2004 calendar was shot in Hilton Head, SC, back in April, and boy was it tough, said photographer Al Tielemans. "We're trying to make something sexy out of every picture. (Gee, really?) "The girls look gorgeous and you have to put the looks, what she's wearing, the location of the spot, the pose -- and you want to make her look as hot as she possibly can."

Mission accomplished.

Beauty and the Bass
Hands down, the catch of the day.
Is that a fishing pole, or are you just happy to see me?
Women in waders. It all began with a married couple, Melinda and Gary, who discovered something special, as SI reported last July. "We'd go fishing and he'd like to see me in waders," Melissa said.

So began a thriving business -- the first "Women in Waders" calendar, circa 2001, sold 5,000 copies just in Oregon. This year you can get two editions -- one with a few boats, titled "Beauty and the Bass" or the more traditional "Women in Waders 2004" number.

Would you like to buy a box of thin mints, too?
Kids as young as 10 have been peddling a nude calendar featuring female handballers from the Baekkelaget A-team, reports Aftenposten. The children, junior handball players, were enlisted in the "strictly voluntary" sales effort earlier this year. When one parent objected, the club's leader said, "Personally, I think the calendar is fine, but it is perhaps wrong to have our youngest players selling it."

Try as we might, we were unable to locate an Internet vendor selling the calendar. But Aftenposten did post one R-rated selection.



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