Gallery: Best MLB retro jerseys
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Baseball has long had retro jerseys, but the focus has been on old wool and flannel unis from pre-1970. But now doubleknit polyester in powder blue is hot. Our top 10 MLB retro jerseys (vote in the poll to move onto our favorite hockey throwbacks):

1. Frank Robinson, 1975 Cleveland Indians road
Too bad you can't get the red pants to go with this! This jersey says that you take your retro look seriously, just like Frank played the game. Of course, if they made the Boog Powell version, it would say, "big tomato."

2. Nolan Ryan, 1986 Houston Astros home
Once a uniform to be mocked, the rainbow is now a uniform to be loved for its audacity. Just like a Ryan fastball, this jersey is bold and brash and remains as much about the future as the retro. (And while Nolan is king, remember that Mike Scott was the real ace of the '86 'Stros).

3. Reggie Jackson, 1971 Oakland A's home
The cocksure attitude. The straw that stirs the drink. The go-for-broke, swing-from-your-ass approach. The clutch performance when it counts. The don't-back-down-from-anybody, even Billy Martin, persona. And then the twist: it's not No. 44 in pinstripes, but No. 9 sleeveless gold.

4. Stan Musial, 1944 St. Louis Cardinals home
Just like Stan, you're "The Man" if you wear this classic retro look with the timeless Cardinals' logo. Nothing like showing your appreciation for the most underrated great player of all time.

5. George Brett, 1985 Kansas City Royals road
Brett was so cool, he made powder blue look well, manly. He had power and finesse. He carried a bunch of nobodies to a World Series title. And he stayed with one team his whole career: Wear this and you value loyalty.

6. Pete Rose, 1976 Cincinnati Reds road
You think you're a rebel? You like to defy authority? Think The Man is keeping you down? Then there's only one jersey for you: vintage Pete. Cool bonus: comes with bicentennial patch.

7. Carlton Fisk, 1980 Chicago White Sox home
Sure, this white, collared pullover looks like something from the bargain bin at K-Mart. Did we mention it has a collar? Did we mention the Sox also wore shorts with this? Did we mention C-Fisk once told Deion to quit showboating and respect the game? That's retro.

8. Gary Carter, 1980 Montreal Expos home
We hated him on the Mets, but loved him on the Expos. Plus, now that Carter is in the Hall of Fame, all those annoying Mets fans will be plunking down their subway money on Mets' retro jerseys. Show them up by getting the Expos' jersey.

9. Dave Winfield, 1978 San Diego Padres road
It's so ugly, it's cool. There is no other explanation.

10. Jackie Robinson, 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers home
A classic uniform, a legendary player.

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