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Answers pile up
From the Page 2 mailbag

Page 2 received the photo below over our newswires this week, but there was no caption information included.

On Thursday, we asked our loyal readers to explain what was happening in this chaotic pileup of sports fans.

Here are the best of the responses we received.

The Texas Rangers' new promotional gimmick, the "Find A-Rod's Money on the Field" game, is greeted with wild enthusiasm by crazies and A's fans alike.

John Lovett
Longmeadow, Mass.

"Everyone duck, Knoblauch is the relay man!"

Brian Miller

"OK. OK. OK. You can have the remote to change the XFL."

Craig Maille
Lowell, Mass

Moments after announcing the trade of Rich Gannon for Ryan Leaf, Al Davis was last seen running toward a hill.

Joe Monteforte
Randolph, Mass.

Texas Tech students run for cover after their new head basketball coach comes out throwing on his first day on campus.

Jared Margulies

Oakland A's fans scramble for the used chewing tobacco Jason Giambi has just discarded. They want to auction it off on Page 2 for top dollar.

Chris Monjoy
Pasadena, Calif.

"If you get real close, you can smell the greed all over this baseball!"

Paul Richardson
Rochester, N.Y.

How Mike Sirotka really got hurt.

Mark Tomaszewicz
New York

With the prospects for the upcoming season already dim in spring training, all 14 Montreal Expos fans rush to bury their heads.

J. Burke

Now that we got his Lucky Charms, let's hold the little guy down and tickle him.

Brandon Liechty
West Lafayette, Ind.

Hey, Mr.Woods! We've found your game!

Terry Stopa
Vancouver, British Columbia

With his arthritic hip, Albert Belle can no longer outrun the horde of people he angered throughout his career.

Jeremy Tiermini
Canandaigua, N.Y.

Outside the Oakland A's spring training site fans are holding down "superagent" Scott Boras and "making him an offer he cannot refuse" for Johnny Damon.

Tom Stivali
Bloomfield, N.J.

Hey! Give me back my ESPN The Magazine!

Bridgeport, Conn.

Fans obtain autographs from a somewhat less than enthusiastic Tiger Woods.

Greg Speetzen

In this age of free agency and ever-increasing salaries, it is becoming harder and harder for small-market teams to avoid cutting back on players and equipment. Here, several Kansas City Royals converge on the ball in a frantic, if vain, effort to actually make a defensive play.

David Dirgo
Omaha, Neb.

This is reaction that Oakland A's fans had when they were told their ballclub has as much of a chance of going to the World Series this year as they do of "digging to China."

Dan Kastilahn
Boulder, Colo.

Rick Ankiel is warming up in the bullpen, and everyone is diving for cover.

Vlad Ward
Woodinville, Wash.

The annual Bristol, Conn., Easter Egg Hunt gets out of hand when it is announced that one of the eggs contains Anna Kournikova's phone number.

Jeff Pierce
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Fans rush wildly as Rick Pitino throws out beads with his future intentions on them at this year's Mardi Gras celebration.

David Ferguson
Louisville, Ky.

Dodgers fans scramble to try to tackle Gary Sheffield's ego.

Mark Brown

Baseball fans in Toronto are trying to catch Blue Jays GM Gord Ash from retreating back into his hole after making the boneheaded David Wells trade.

Ryan Barclay
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Look, a Ben Grieve rookie card! Oh, wait ...

James Simon
Nicasio, Calif.

Gee, I really hate Southwest Airlines boarding pass policy!

Steve Kelley
Arlington, Va.

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