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Relish these responses
From the Page 2 mailbag

When Page 2 received the photo below over its newswires, we immediately had questions.

Sure, we recognized that it was Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez running in the outfield after a spring-training game. But we felt that A-Rod was trying to send us some type of message. What could the $252 million man be trying to say?

We asked our loyal readers to interpret the message, and, as usual, you came through. Here are some of the best responses we received.

"They told me this contract would have me running with the big dogs, but this ain't what I had in mind."

Brian Wooley
Orlando, Fla.

Buying the Texas Rangers ... $250 million.

Signing Alex Rodriguez ... $252 million.

Having a hot dog that big ... priceless.

Josh Murray
Los Gatos, Calif.

You see! I'm not the biggest hot dog in the world!

P. Lacy

And today, Major League Baseball unveiled its new logo.

T. Foltz

Only $8 a dog?!? I'll take 31,250,000 of 'em.

Cecil Bozard

With a $252 million price tag, will A-Rod cut the mustard in Arlington?

Bob Badders
Bick, N.J.

You'd think that for $252 million, they could at least have filet mignon painted on the wall behind him.

Eric Cressey
Kennebunkport, Maine

"Hey, that reminds me. Give me a percentage of the concessions, too."

Buffalo, N.Y.

Major League Baseball: Salaries Aren't the Only Things We've Inflated.

Mike Bellmont

Just relish this moment.

Michael Howarth
Newbury Park, Calif.

Damn! Everything really is bigger in Texas!

Adrian Rosales
Princeton, N.J.

It takes $252 million to get a hot dog this big.

Shital A. Shah
Toledo, Ohio

After signing the $252 Million Dollar contract, A-Rod thinks he needs to buy a Ballpark...frank that is.

Jeremy Chase
Sioux Falls, S.D.

Get out of my way-- BIG DOG ON CAMPUS!!

Kylee Colwell
Aurora, Ill.

"Its a dog-eat-dog world. A-Rod is the pit bull, and MLB is wearing Milkbone underwear."

Ryan Durgan
Portland, Ore.

Further proof that athletes tend to "dog" it after signing a big contract.

New Jersey

The wurst is yet to come for A-Rod.

Jason Lake
Vancouver, British Columbia

Pudge, get back here with my ketchup!

Jason Kelly
Laguna Niguel, Calif.

A-Rod can now afford to truly "super-size" his meals.

New York

Today's special -- buy one, get one free.

New York

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