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Readers throw in their responses
From the Page 2 mailbag

You've seen the players You've seen the coaches. You've seen the referees. You've seen (enough of) Billy Packer.

But here's something you may not have seen in this year's NCAA Tournament.

We asked Page 2 readers to provide capitons for this photo, and they came through again. We only have to give them a PG rating.

Bobby Knight, upset with the way the Texas Tech cheerleaders were performing at his press conference, throws one through the ceiling.
Michael Gade
St. Louis Park, Min.

Gonzaga players sure can shoot, but they need a little help to dunk.
Kevin Sullivan
Coral Springs, Fla.

Honey, please come down from that tree. Louisville is not that bad a place.
Madison, Wisc.

The cheerleader is jumping in the air to maybe find Brendan Haywood's game. No matter where she looks she will find a 6-3 small forward in a 7-1 center's body.
David Moses
Florham Park N.J.

Lee Mazzilli to Chuck Knoblauch: "Chuck, I said, Go shag fly balls in left," not "Go shag that fly girl who left."
Matt Reimer
New York

I came all the way to the NCAA Tourney and my Nikes got more air time then I did.
Ryan Barr
New York

Another victim of Nike's "Boing" shoe needs to be pulled out of the ceiling after testing her "hops" in the new footwear.
Bill Steel
Beltsville, Md.

"Just because you picked Iowa State as a Final Four team in the office pool doesn't mean you should hang yourself ..."
C. Lo

"Alright, I'm gonna throw you up there. See if you can grab Rickey Henderson's ego. No? How about Gary Sheffield's? No, not even A-Rod's?"
Tom Heston

Cinderella crashes back to earth as the second round concludes!
Mark Geeding
Kansas City, Mo.

In an improbable, horrific twist of fate, Muffy finds herself stuck in the Stanford Tree again.
Mike Branley
Pittston, Pa.

The Wake Forest Cheerleaders have been brought in to try to score a point against Butler.
Scott Scher

Man! Mark McGwire wasn't kidding! Andro really does make you stronger.
Chris Lewis
Greenwood, Ind.

Texas threw everything at A-Rod to convince him to sign.
Elliott Smith
Brea, Calif.

Only 3000 more lightbulbs to go. And to think,they told us to use a ladder.
Matt Stephens
LaPlace, La.

Shelium Baby ... Just do it !
Elaine Duras
Morristown N.J.

Due to plummeting ratings the XFL welcomes the up-the-skirt cam.
Dean Shavelson
Sunrise, Fla.

Why drop ceilings will never catch on in gymnasiums.
Paul Turner
Glen Burnie, Md.

There simply is no humorous caption for this photo that is not obscene, subtly or overtly.
Barry Petchesky
New York

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