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Something about Shaq
From the Page 2 mailbag

We couldn't explain what was going on with Shaquille O'Neal and Cameron Diaz, so we wanted you to help us figure it out.

Shaq, Cameron Diaz
Here are some of the best caption suggestions from Page 2 readers.

Wow! He really does look like Shrek.
New Jersey

I told you I was a Niners fan! I don't wanna meet Shaq ...
Todd Doobrow

"No, Shaq. You can't say you slept with me in your next interview."
Mike Strocko
Wilmington, Del.

According to Shaq, there really is something about Mary!
Brad Twarowski
Spring Grove, Ill.

Who cares about points and rebounds. The only record I care about breaking is Wilt's 20,000.
Bobby Gregorio
Knoxville, Tenn.

Security guard: "Don't do it ma'am. He has a radio interview in the morning."
Dan Largent
Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Shaq to Cameron: "What are yoouuu doing?
David Sedillo
Albuquerque, N.M.

Chicks dig the free throw.
Dan Auricchio
Amsterdam, N.Y.

Please step away from the series MVP ... please step away from the series MVP. ... If you choose not to your fate will be the same fate as the Spurs ...
Matt Hogue

Fresh from her recent gig, Ms. Diaz is determined to discover the identity of the elusive Charlie.
Evan Montgomery

After considering it briefly, Phil Jackson decides to rescind the O'Neal-Diaz trade. It would have made the finals a lot more interesting.
Jon Paolone
Birmingham, Ala.

Excuse me Ms. Diaz, I must escort you away so you don't feel the wrath of Jim Gray in this postgame interview.
Russell, Ky.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $100,000 today by NBA commissioner David Stern for this incident at the Staples Center involving Shaq and Cameron Diaz.
David Smades
Duncanville, Texas

"I'm sorry Miss, but the line for autographs starts over there behind Miss Crawford."
Kevin Kurz

Beleaguered by her constant requests to "just glance" at script ideas for "Shazaam's Angels," Shaq finally has Cameron Diaz removed from the court.
Jim Vlahos

"No, ma'am ... Mr. O'Neal doesn't meet the 'Dyan Cannon Look-Alike' contest winner until the postgame show."
Kevin Braun
Columbus, Ind.

And finally, here is what Reuters said was happening: Shaquille O'Neal smiles mugs for the cameras as a security officer escorts actress Cameron Diaz away from him. Diaz approached Shaq to congratulate him after the Lakers clobbered the Spurs, much to the Big Fella's amusement on May 27, 2001. REUTERS/Mike Blake

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