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The BoSox Boys
From the Page 2 mailbag

The sight of Red Sox manager Jimy Williams hangin' with Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys disturbed us so much we sought your help.

Here are some of the best caption suggestions from Page 2 readers for this week's Mystery Photo.

Sock puppet: $7
Vintage Red Sox caps: $25
Matching Red Sox jerseys: $165
Annoying every male in the park while creating one more distraction for Jimy Williams ... Priceless.
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Can you boys sign this ball for ... uh ... my daughter? ... Her name? Yeah sure, uh, it's J-I-M-Y."
Erik Anderson
Ashford, Conn.

Jimy Williams can't help thinking, "If this organization hadn't traded Ruth, I would be standing here with Britney Spears right now! Curse of the Bambino indeed."
Beaverton, Ore.

"Manager's Decision" was the only comment Red Sox skipper Jimy Williams offered on the most startling change to the lineup yet this season, his 84th in 90 games.
Worcester, Mass.

Red Sox manager Jimy Williams reflects on his decision to supplement his income by babysitting.
Zac Underwood
Ada, Okla.

"You get to cancel a tour for one guy in rehab, and I have to play without Pedro and Nomar?"
Dave Kelly
Champaign, Ill.

Which of these four people will be in a Red Sox uniform next year? Not so fast, Mr. Williams.
Mike Klauss
Richmond Heights, Ohio

Jimy Williams looks around the crowd for snipers, deciding that he would be safer standing next to Bill Buckner.
Matt G
Saugus, Calif.

Nick, Howie, and Brian?! That's the worst possible 3Play ever!!
Matt Ross
Columbus, Ohio

Hey dudes, what is up? Seen Britney around lately? ... Nomar needs some company on the bench.
Nick Weaver
Chicago, Ill.

Jimy Williams tries to hold down his lunch as another hidden clause of Manny Ramirez's mega-million dollar contract comes to fruition.
Justin Walker
Carterville, Ill.

Williams: "Do we really need three bat boys?"
Backstreet Boys: "No, sir but this is the closest we've ever been to a hit."
Corvallis, Ore.

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys joined Pedro Martinez on the 15-day disabled list after a pregame dispute with Rich Garces over the last burrito on the buffet table left him with a broken wrist. Jimy Williams had no comment.
Scott Miller
Quincy, Mass.

"Well guys, he may not have AJ's "bad boy" attitude, but I say he's got the job."
Steve Lake
Syosset, N.Y.

Decimated by injuries, Williams decides to look elsewhere for talent and consolation, hoping his new players will bring those screaming teenage girls through the turnstiles.
Brad McDonald
Tampa, Fla.

The Backstreet Boys roll out their new tactic to target the coveted 60-plus white male demographic.
New York, N.Y.

"There are no sock puppets in baseball!"
Doug Buckler
Philadelphia, Penn

After getting their parental permission slips signed, the Backstreet Boys were allowed to be on the field at Fenway for bat boy tryouts.
Jim Jackson
Kansas City, Mo.

What the ...? I told Carl not to moon the Backstreet Boys! Does he ever listen?
Mike Karpyn
Media, Penn.

While Howie signs a baseball "To my biggest fan Jimy, with all my love," Nick and Brian discuss whether AJ would object to the addition of a nearby 'Beer Man' as their interim fourth member.
Bob Spruill
New York, N.Y.

And finally, here is what The Associated Press stated was happening: Boston Red Sox manager Jimy Williams, left, waits as members of the Backstreet Boys, from left, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, and Brian Littrell sign a baseball for him prior to their game against the Atlanta Braves on July 8, 2001, at Fenway Park in Boston. The Backstreet Boys, in town for five shows, threw out the opening ball. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

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