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Hey baby!
From the Page 2 mailbag

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Major League Baseball has seen some young rookies, but when this baby was spotted at Safeco Field, we thought the Mariners owed us an explanation.

We just couldn't figure out what this tot was doing in Seattle, so we asked for your help.

Here are some of the best caption suggestions from more than 700 responses from Page 2 readers for this week's Mystery Photo.

Amid yet another international storm of controversy, the Mariners obtained the rights to 16-week-old left-handed pitching prospect Dimitri Pavelczech, for an unknown sum. The Ukrainian T-Ball Authority is suing to void the contract.
Dan Tyson
Willow Grove, Pa.

In sports news today, Seattle fans found a photo proving that the Mariners have sewn up a playoff spot, baby!
Steve DeWald
Fort Wayne, Ind.

This season, even this doll is batting .315.
Keith Burgdoff
North Pole, Ark.

You've seen those optical illusion pictures where it looks like a pretty girl right side up and an old woman upside down ...

Well, if you turn this one upside down it looks like a Tampa Bay Devil Ray. Russell
Mineola, N.Y.

With Griffey and A-Rod gone, the Mariners needed a new team crybaby.
Ed Clayton
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Since they couldn't get Ichiro's naked pictures for $2 million, the Japanese media had to settle for his baby pictures at a mere $9.99.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

In the Seattle Mariners clubhouse ...

Lou Piniella: "Boys, gather 'round, I'd like you to meet the reason why we're winning this year. They call him," (long dramatic pause) -- (Lou puts his pinky to the corner of his mouth) -- "Mini M!"
Dan Marrone
Sacramento, Calif.

When did Paul O'Neill become a Seattle Mariner?
Aaron Murray

Newest rival to the Ichiro bobblehead -- the Jay Buhner voodoo doll.
Matt Cooper
Norwich, N.Y.

...and there were in that same country, shepherds who kept watch of their flock by night. The good shepherds John, Edgar and Brett came upon a star, shining brightly in the Far East. Soon the light of the angel of the baseball gods shone around them and they were sure afraid. But the angel said, "Fear not! For I bring you tidings of great joy for all baseball fans. For born this day from the country of Japan is a savior, you shall call him, Ichiro. You will find the babe wrapped in knitted clothes, laying in a dugout ..."
David Strang

Further proof that Shawn Kemp is still hanging around Seattle.
Media, Pa.

The M's signed on this new rook as Lou Piniella was very impressed with his ability to draw the walk in a key situation.

Looks like A-Rod didn't get everything out of his locker after all.
Matt Braid
Alexandria, Va.

A Seattle baby boom has followed the lead of Mariners' bats.
Ed Pierce

The product of the Ichiro bobblehead doll and Baseball Lovin' Barbie, isn't a pretty sight.
Eric Ward
Arkansas City, Kan.

Geez!! How many more Boones are there??

Check out a column from Page 2's Jim Caple that explains the real story about this baby and details a new outbreak of Mariners fever.

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