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Trick or Treat?
From the Page 2 mailbag

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Well, Dennis Rodman did say he wanted to come back to the NBA.

We figured you'd have plenty of ideas about what was going on with Mitch Richmond, Shaquille O'Neal and this masked man, so Page 2 asked you to come up with some clever captions. You filled our mailbag with more than 1,500 responses.

Here's a look at some of the best caption suggestions from our readers.

Laugh if you want ... it got me a date with Madonna.
Paul Pearson
Ossining, N.Y.

"So last night, Vanessa says 'I've always liked the bad-boy type.' Shut up, Shaq. ..."
Todd D.

"Way to go, Kobe! Now that's the way to kick a camera man!"
Mike Cossey
Cape Girardeau, Mo.

All right, this time we switch. You get Carmen Electra, you get Dyan Cannon and I get the babe sitting with Nicholson.

"He doesn't look like Rick Fox, but at least he's got better hair."
Joshua Cohn

Guess that Home Cam thing didn't quite pay off like it was supposed to ...
Craig M.
Lowell, Ma.

Rick Fox sports the scariest Halloween costume he could find, Dennis Rodman -- on your team.
Stephen Frickx
Oak Park, Ill.

"Man, I told you you shouldn't have eaten that Rodman-flavored Fruit Gusher."
Birmingham, Ala.

"So, Shaq, Phil Jackson decided that the relationship between you and Kobe wasn't hostile enough so we went out and signed Dennis again."
Manuel Jovel
Georgetown, Texas

Shaq: "Is that Rodman? Wait. Nope, there's no eye shadow."
Jamie Laughman
Elkhart, Ind.

"So, I say to the police officer, 'After 80 times here, you'd think you would at least bring and appetizer.' "
Justin Herzog
Spring Lake Park, Minn.

Now that the baseball season is over, Bobby Valentine's goal is to sneak onto the bench of every NBA team.
Charleston, W.Va.

And just then, Phil Jackson woke up in a cold sweat.
Brian Cole
Conshohocken, Pa.

Although warned by his mother as a child, that his face would stay that way, Kobe Bryant insisted on making the Rodman face.
Chris Roff
Easton, Pa.

Some people say Jerry Jones went too far with the cosmetic surgery, but Shaq and Mitch disagree.
Mark Young
Cedar Park, Texas

"I put on this mask, I say 'Trick-Or-Treat', and Kobe still won't pass me the ball!"
Upper Darby, Pa.

Damn, Mitch, he's as ugly as I remember.
St. Paul, Minn.

Irony notwithstanding, Rick Fox inadvertently dresses up for Halloween as the only NBA player in history to have worse hair than himself.
Chad Hollingsworth

"When coach said to wear your game face, I don't think that's what he meant."
Berkeley, Calif.

Shaquille O'Neal and Mitch Richmond listen intently as Dennis Rodman explains the art of grabbing a woman's breast while making it look like an accident.
Ben Finfer

What lengths won't Mark Cuban take to get closer to the floor?
Mike Erreca
Stockton, Calif.

"Well, Shaq, I heard you and Kobe were having some troubles, so I thought I might make y'all feel better about each other by making an idiot of myself ... again."
Adam Miller
Austin, Texas

Mitch: "Wow! I knew I'd meet movie stars in LA, but to think, me sitting in between the stars of 'Double Team' and 'Kazaam'!"
Mike Mackler

"Hey, Rick, are you supposed to be Dennis Rodman or Jerry Jones?"
Landon Horton
Iowa City, Iowa

Martin Lawrence does research for his upcoming role in "And Then I Got High: The Dennis Rodman Story"
Kip Portz
Pasadena, Calif.

And here is the real caption from Reuters: Los Angeles Lakers players Shaquille O'Neal, right, and Mitch Richmond, center, share a laugh as teammate Rick Fox wears a Dennis Rodman mask on the Lakers bench in the final minutes of thier home opener againt the Portland Trail Blazers on Oct. 30 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The defending NBA champion Lakers began their quest for a third consecutive championship by defeating the Trail Blazers 98-87. Rodman was an excentric NBA player. Reuters/Mike Blake

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