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From the Page 2 mailbag

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All eyes and cameras have been on Michael Jordan for the past month, so it's no surprise Page 2's Mystery Photo caught His Airness a little off-guard.

Michael Jordan

We figured you'd have plenty of ideas about what was going on with Jordan -- especially after his 5-for-26 shooting performance Sunday -- so Page 2 asked you to come up with some clever captions. You filled our mailbag with more than 1,300 responses.

Here's a look at some of the best caption suggestions from our readers.

"OK, now when I open my eyes, I won't be on a crappy team ... 1, 2, 3! ... Damn! ..."
Mike Santosuosso
Abington, Mass.

Ohmigosh, was that Dennis Rodman in the second row? Man, I sure hope he doesn't recognize me, I really don't want to talk to him.
Zac Jordheim
Carlsbad, Calif.

Scottie, Dennis, Horace, any of you down there? Anyone? Wennington?
Dovid Form
Southieborough Mass.

This MJ cologne sure takes away the stench of failure.

Hey, Ichabod! Remember me?
Douglas Chagnon
Danvers, Mass.

Jordan, after a tough loss, contemplates his next potential endorsement gig: Viagra.
Kyle Fuller
Irving, Texas

The last time that I tried this Bugs and Elmer came to the rescue. Maybe they will help us out ...
Dan Foust

Lose your shirt on yet another bet, did ya, Michael?
Kyle Fuller
Irving, Texas

In an effort to lighten the mood of another Wizards' loss, Michael Jordan shows off his impression of roll-on deodorant.
Tom Oates
Nashville, Tenn.

"Eight-minute abs my ass!"
Normal, Ill.

"Has anybody seen my dignity?"
Janet Santosuosso
Abington, Mass.

"Monica? Is that you? I thought you left Washington."
Normal, Ill.

"OK, Dougie, the equipment guy wired me up, so it should be easier for me to relay the plays I want you to call."
Doug Buckler

Hey, what does this tag say? "Teammates in this uniform may be worse than they appear." D'oh!
Steve May
Victoria, British Columbia

Hey, if I turn this inside out it's a Laker jersey.
Neal Finnegan
Arlington, Mass.

It's gut check time for Jordan.

I know my game is around here somewhere.
Mike L.
St Joseph, Mich.

Seeking to regain his quickness, Michael Jordan angrily orders Ahmad Rashad out of his jock.
Chevy Chase, Md.

Scottie, when I open my eyes, I want you to take off that Hamilton mask. Toni, same goes for you in that Laettner mask.
Scott Humphrey
Charlotte, N.C.

After a tough loss to the Celtics, Michael Jordan plays peek-a-boo with rookie sensation Kwame Brown to cheer him up. "Where's Kwame, where's Kwame ..."
Matt Kelley
Arlington, Va.

Pewww, I'm starting to get that "old man smell!"
Josh McElhattan
Belmont, Mass.

Obviously, a clip from "Space Jam" just played on the big screen.
Brian Sims
Monroe, La.

Hey, it works for ostriches.
The Woodlands, Texas

"Dangit, that kid from the Mean Joe Greene commercial is back ... this is the third time this month! Spoiled brat."
Josh McElhattan
Belmont, Mass.

Well, Christian Laettner looks a little more like Scottie Pippen through my shirt.
Ted Lombardi
Malden, Mass.

Michael Jordan bobblehead doll night goes terribly wrong.
Mark McLaughlin
HR, Colo.

".... and here's my impression of Lamar Odom sneakin' a few puffs during a game."
David Burton
Fresno, Calif.

"I think I left 1992 in my other pants"
Josh Mann

Its freezing in here. Now I know how Jennifer Aniston feels.
Paul Amin
Staten Island, N.Y.

And here is the real caption from The Associated Press: Washington Wizards' Michael Jordan pulls his jersey over his head during the first half of their preseason game Oct. 22, 2001, against the Philadelphia 76ers in State College, Pa.(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

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