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Those crazy Cleveland Cavaliers will try anything to turn around their sorry season.


We weren't sure what the deal was with this intruder, so we sought your advice in our latest Mystery Photo. We knew you'd have some great ideas, and you filled our mailbag with more than 650 responses.

Here's a look at some of the best caption suggestions from our readers.

Ron Howard doing research for his upcoming film "White Men Can't Sweep."
David Maiorana

Another graduate of the Phil Luckett Game Officials and Staff Education Conference.
Matt Marino
San Diego

The winner of the Cleveland Cavaliers' new "Win a Wedgie from Bimbo Coles" contest has second thoughts and tries frantically to escape with his shorts intact.
Kirby Whalen
Avon, Conn.

Bimbo: "Hey, man, don't leave! You kind of look like Mark Price, and we sure as heck could use you right now."
St Louis

As Jacque Vaughn proved throughout the first month of the season, there is no such thing as an easy basket in the NBA.
Jake Urbanski
Austin, Texas

Thus ends Bryant Reeves' "I can't jump, so I will use this stick to block shots" experiment.
Noel Nitecki
Anderson, Ind.

Proving that white men can't jump, Opie McDougal utilizes his pole vaulting skills in an attempt to block the shot of Jacque Vaughn.
Terry Doughty

Doesn't this kid know how to fill the lane on a fast break?
Patrick McCulloch

Due to strange atmospheric conditions in Gund Arena, the evasive yet malicious "Injury Bug" that has plagued the Cavs since the Brad Daugherty era is captured on film, complete with his legendary "Scepter of Pain."

After many hapless years of basketball, the Cavs decide to try their hand at "quiddich" ... with similar results.
Ryan O'Donnell
Hoboken, N.J.

Carrot Top suggests to NBA players: "Don't drive down the center, dial down the center!"
Steve Dixon
St. Louis

"If that Vaughn guy thinks I'm gonna get out of his way, he can climb up my ... damn, he did ..."
Bill Nash
Greensboro, N.C.

Holy crap, I think those guys are Globetrotters and they're about to pull the old ... yup ... They just got me with the old goose the towel boy layup combo gag.
Steve Gonzales
Brighton, Colo.

Bimbo Coles plays the NBA's hottest new birthday party game: "Pin the Jacque Vaughn on the towel boy!"
Ryan King

Opie finally gets his real 15 minutes of fame.
Shane Kilpin
Whitewater, Wis.

In his latest attempt to return to the NBA, Charles Barkley lost 200 pounds, dyed his hair orange, and got a skin transplant so he could be a ballboy.
Birmingham, Ala.

We've all tried it, but you can't run away from the excitement that is Hawks-Cavs basketball. It's faaaaantastic!
Jeff F.
Appleton, Wis.

Bob Davie is quickly learning the ropes at his newest job as a towel boy in Cleveland.
Bobby Sansone
Yarmouth, Maine

Eric Montross can't do anything right.
Sacramento, Calif.

I'm not saying Jacque and Bimbo have lost a step, but the one-legged kid with the mop just beat them all the way downcourt.
Portland, Ore.

In a statement about the state of the NBA, New Jersey Nets center Todd MacCulloch gets caught moonlighting as a floor cleaner for Cleveland Cavaliers home games. Double bad news for MacCulloch, he was called for a block on the play leading to a three-point play.
Andy Kemper
Hillsboro, Ore.

Cavaliers erect pole to play center until Zydrunas Ilgauskas' foot heals.
Jeremy Wilneff
Columbus, Ohio

And ESPN never ran it's "Squeegee Your Favorite NBA Player" contest again ...
Ron Balle
Morrisville, Pa.

And here is the real caption from Reuters: Cleveland Cavaliers ball boy Mike Templin (foreground) gets caught up in the play while wiping up the floor as Jacque Vaughn of the Atlanta Hawks goes up for two points during a fast break in a Nov. 29 game with the Cleveland Cavaliers at Gund Arena. Defending on the play is the Cavs' Bimbo Coles. Reuters/Ron Kuntz


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