Anna's New Look
From the Page 2 mailbag

Has Anna Kournikova seen a ghost? Is she making the transition from tennis pro to geisha girl? Could she be prepping for her cameo in "Powder II"? Was she out late last night at a KISS concert?

Page 2 thought we were the all-knowing Anna experts, but we didn't know what to make of her new look. So, we asked our readers for their explanation. Here are the best responses from the more than 5,100 e-mails we received.

In a desperate attempt to finally win her first professional tournament, Anna switches from the WTA to the ATP Tour ... Albino Tennis Professionals.
Jon Zinman
Chappaqua, N.Y.

Overwhelmed by the downward spiral of her tennis career, Anna consoles a pack of powdered donuts.
Chris Payne
Abilene, Texas

Anna is currently on a social awareness publicity tour, warning tennis youth everywhere about the effects prolonged losing can have on your skin.

Obviously, this is the result of hanging around all those hockey players, it's finally caught up to her. ... Call out the Zamboni, we need to smooth out that icy glare!
Hank Yeager

A still screen from the new movie Girls with Sunscreen Gone Wild.
David Wilson
Redding, Calif.

Anna has recently been put in Life Extension until scientists successfully develop a cure for her tennis-playing disability.
Bob Nowak
Euclid, Ohio

Anna knows that old men with lots of money prefer something more sophisticated -- like a White Russian.
Danny Cooper
Olathe, Kan.

Fearful that the hapless Penthouse paparazzi will get the right address this time and nab pictures of her sunbathing topless, Anna resolves to stay out of the sun altogether.
Huntington, N.Y.

The championship trophies can glare quite a bit when all you get to do is stare at them.
Los Angeles

Always a trendsetter, Anna Kournikova displays the new "pale look" that's sweeping the fashion world. Bronzed is so yesterday.
Luis Rivera
Bronx, N.Y.

Wow, she really has become a ghost on the international tennis scene.

I'm just following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth ... to world domination!
(Hmmm ... what a glorious day ... if Anna ruled the world ...)
Joel Kanvik

Hmm, when I look good, I play bad ... maybe if I look bad, I'll play ... nahh.
Billy S.
Newbury Park, Calif.

Anna has been staying indoors lately, working on her backhand via Playstation Tennis Tour 2002.
Mike Huff
Chesapeake, Va.

Well, at least they're looking at my face for once.
Terry Alexander
Minot, N.D.

I'm not sure about what's actually going on here, I'll need a full-body photo to better form my opinion.
Kurt Shiver
Mayo, Fla.

I've always wondered what a hot mime would look like!
Michael G.

"If it worked for Patrick Rafter, hmm. Maybe this will do the trick. Hey, did I miss a spot?"
Jerry Brandino
Milford, Conn.

"I'm pretty fly for a white girl."
Mahwah, N.J.

"If Michael Jackson can claim minority status, so can I."
Stephen Byrd
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Anna prepares for her upcoming role as Casper the Friendly and Extremely Hot Ghost.
Steve L.
Palatine, Ill.

And here is the real caption from The Associated Press: Anna Kournikova walks onto the court with sunscreen on her face before her match against Wynne Prakusya in the second round of the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford, Calif., Thursday, July 25, 2002. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)


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