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Keyshawn Johnson made the Terry Bradshaw retro famous. Alas, Bradshaw's jersey does not make our top 10. But Trent Dilfer does! (It's about style, not Super Bowl wins.) Vote in the poll to the right to move onto our favorite MLB jerseys.

1. Trent Dilfer, 1996 Tampa Bay Bucs
Coming off a Super Bowl season, the Bucs have never been hotter. Forget "Pewter Power"; there's been an outcry for the Bucs' old-school orange. It's no laughing matter: All orange Bucs gear has been discontinued, by decree of humorless Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer. And scarcity makes jerseys that much more desirable.

2. Joe Namath, 1968 New York Jets
Wearing a jersey is more than a fashion statement of colors, team allegiance or even of the player whose jersey you wear. Sometimes it reflects an attitude, and no one in the history of the NFL had attitude like Broadway Joe.

3. Jim Brown, 1964 Cleveland Browns
It's not just for Spike Lee sitting courtside: Brown's jersey is bold and powerful. Simple? Sure, like trying to stop him was simple.

4. John Elway, 1987 Denver Broncos
The mystique of the leader of The Drive, packaged in a bold orange color that is dazzling enough to forget the multiple Super Bowl losses he suffered in it. (What, like we'd endorse the hideous current Broncos jersey?)

5. Johnny Unitas, 1970 Baltimore Colts
It's a shame that so much of the Johnny U. Renaissance came after he passed away last year. Still, the awkward No. 19 and the jersey-color's symbolic representation of blue-collar Baltimore where he played combine to give this jersey all the cred it needs. (Getting a flat-top to go with it is your option.)

6. Randall Cunningham, 1994 Philadelphia Eagles
Before Mike Vick, there was Randall Cunningham, and as a rising tide lifts all boats, the supernova of attention on Vick has reflected some glory on Cunningham, the best running QB ever -- until Vick breaks his records.

7. Gale Sayers, 1965 Chicago Bears
Thanks to LeBron James' selection out of a crowded rack in a sports-gear store, Sayers' bruise-blue jersey (and its white version) has risen in national prominence. His mystically brief career only adds to the cachet of sporting this jersey.

8. Steve Bartkowski, 1980 Atlanta Falcons
Like Cunningham's No. 12, Bartkowski's jersey benefits from the A-Vickening of fans across the country to the suddenly hot Atlanta Falcons. Bart's got one thing on Vick: That old red jersey is a lot more attention-grabbing than the Falcons' standard-issue blah-black jersey.

9. Doug Williams, 1987 Washington Redskins
Throwing on this burgundy-and-gold number shows a respect for a pioneer: A black QB in an age when there weren't too many -- and the steady hand behind the most prolific quarter of offense in Super Bowl history.

10. Brett Favre, 1991 Atlanta Falcons
Any Cheesehead can walk into a sporting-goods store and buy that tired green No. 4 Packers jersey. But you shout, "I knew before all y'all!" when you strut around in the jersey of a sorry Falcons team's back-up QB who turned out to be one of the top 10 QBs of all time.

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