Gallery: Best NHL retro jerseys
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Hockey has had its share of flashy colors and hideous combinations. But our favorite is an old-school classic. Vote in the poll to proceed to our list of NBA favorites.

1. Gordie Howe, 1959-60 Detroit Red Wings
This jersey embodies the sport and the Original Six in its hayday. Simple, classic. And besides, it was perfect attire for Cameron to parade around Chicago in during "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

2. Wayne Gretzky, early '80s Edmonton Oilers
Ohhh yeah. The glory years. Gretzky barely filled out this jersey, unlike many of the Oilers fans wearing it in the stands. And if this one gets dirty, you can get the No. 11 Messier to go with it.

3. Vancouver Canucks, early '70s
Just a hockey stick. No city name, no team nickname, just a stick and a blue square with green stripes. Add "Kurtenbach" or "Boudrias" on the back to show your knowledge of early Canucks stars.

4. 1972 Soviet Union
Sure it's the Red Army, but it's a party-talker. Just don't wear it in front of Don Cherry. Plus, it comes with No. 20 -- goalie Vladislav Tretiak, whom consider the greatest goalie of all time.

5. Wayne Gretzky, 1978-'79 Indianapolis Racers
Nothing screams "Slapshot the Movie" more than this one from the 70's. This team didn't move to Florida either, but they did yield a player named Wayne Gretzky, who headed to Edmonton after one season with the WHA club.

6. Joe Sakic, late-'80s Quebec Nordiques
What's up with this jersey anyway? Powder blue? Symbols straight out of 13th Century France (fleurs-de-lis if you're keeping score or watching Jeopardy)? Thank goodness Joe wasn't sporting a long mullet and a Gossage mustache while donning this sweater.

7. Mike Modano, 1990s Minnesota North Stars
Remember, there are no rules as to what qualifies as "retro" (call your local sport-talk radio if you wish to debate; we aren't listening). Forget the Wild; real Minnesota hockey fans are sporting this jersey.

8. Boston Bruins, early '60s
This sweater from the early '60s says "Old Time Hockey" ... you know, before the NHL screwed up and expanded beyond the Original Six. P.S.: We couldn't find a Bobby Orr throwback ...

9. Luc Robitaille, 1980s Los Angeles Kings
Geez, who knew L.A. had a hockey team before the Great One arrived and led the team to its lone Stanley Cup appearance?

10. 1980 Team USA
"Do you believe in miracles? Yes!"

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