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Olympics vs.
Prima Donnas


Poll Results

Olympics no one saw
Sydney 2000 Summer Games

Why it is on the list: Cathy Freeman, an Aboriginal representative, lighting the Olympic flame amidst a waterfall. Marion Jones, falling short of five gold medals but earning three gold and two bronze medals in an admirable first Olympic appearance. A lackluster and unenthusiastic "Dream Team." U.S. swimmers finding gold in the water. All of these sights could be "seen", hours later on tape-delay, from the comfort of home, but many failed to tune in as the United States took home, in the end, 98 medals -- 41 of them gold.

Prima donnas

Why they are on the list: Because they'd be mad if they weren't -- and who are we to argue? They're asking for office space for their marketing arms. They're making $100 million for hitting golf balls and wearing a swoosh. They're considering retirement at 20 -- or at least teasing us with it. They're getting their coaches fired. Have there always been prima donnas? Sure. But this year's vintage is especially fruitful.

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