Do you know your golf tours?
By Randall Polliard
Special to Page 2

It's so difficult to keep up with professional golf these days, now that Annika Sorenstam has brought a woman's touch to the PGA Tour. How are we supposed to know, for example, who is playing in what tournaments? And just exactly what is the proper attire now that we may be in mixed company on the course?

What's a golf fan to do?

To truly stay abreast (ahem!) of all of these recent developments, the serious golfer needs to be able to pass Page 2's PGA vs. LPGA quiz, for openers. Once you've graduated from our class, you'll be ready to watch in comfort.

Click on the golf ball to get started, and then click on your best guesses as you move through the exam.

Randall Polliard is a sports cartoonist for the Seattle Times.


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