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Page 2's Power Poll dares to rate the teams that are currently wielding the most power in the entire sports universe.

Each week, our poll will rank the 10 teams at the top of the power heap -- and the five teams that have lost the most power in the past week. And, by the way, Page 2 uses its own definition for a "team" -- any group of two or more bonded together for the common purpose.

Our Momentum Meter also predicts the direction these teams will be heading in future weeks (see the bottom of the page for a full explanation).

If you've got anything to say about our Top 10 or our Bottom 5, click here to comment -- or forever hold your peace.


1. St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams Let's see ... they have Warner, the Pats have the killer Bs, Brady and Bledsoe; they have Faulk, the Pats have a guy named Smith; they have Bruce, Holt, Hakim and Proehl, the Pats have Troy Brown (good, but one against four) and Terry Glenn; they have Orlando Pace and four maniacs who won't let the Pats touch Warner, the Pats have some pretty decent offensive linemen nobody ever heard of; they have an opportunistic defense that moves at the speed of sound, the Pats have a disciplined bunch of hard hitters that stay in their lanes; they have Lovie, the Pats have Romeo (OK, that's a push). On the other hand, they have mad Mike Martz, while the Pats have ...

2. Belichick worship Bill Belichick Finally, silent Bill emerges from the rather large shadow of the Big Tuna. Does he have one more strategic miracle up his sleeve? Page 2 hopes so, but we doubt it.

3. Jennifer Capriati & family Jennifer Capriati Tough, tough, tough. Failed to fold in the vicious Australian heat, fighting off four match points to win her third Grand Slam title in a little more than a year. Must have been something good going on in the Capriati household after all.

4. UConn women's basketball UConn Huskies How good are they? Last week, they beat B.C. by 23 ... and BC then moved up in the rankings.

5. Vernon Forrest & connections Vernon Forrest Pound for pound, "Sugar" Shane Mosley is the second-best fighter around.

6. Sacto Kings Sacramento Kings Best record in the game, best show on hardwood, best chance to unseat the two-time defending Lakers.

7. Duke men's basketball Duke Blue Devils Once, and it seems like such a long time ago, the Devils somehow lost to Florida State. Or did we dream it?

8. Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings Detroit, which showed its superiority by cooling off previously scorching Blues, is still cruising atop NHL. Though Stevie Y's injury raises fears of old guys breaking down.

9. John Daly-mania John Daly You might look like him, smoke like him, eat like him, drink like him ... but you'll never be able to hit a golfball like him.

10. Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Seven straight wins, second-best record in the NBA, little help from their second-best player (Michael Finley) ... and they have to put up with Mark Cuban everyday, too.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Defensive coordinators Lovie Smith & Romeo Crenell, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, Thomas Johansson, Kansas men hoopsters, Texas Tech men hoopsters, "Black Hawk Down"


5. Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers They've lost 12 straight and are closing quickly on the Bulls (just 3½ games ahead) ... and the Bulls are the NBA's most woeful team in many a year.

4. L.A. Lakers Los Angeles Lakers Recent losses to the Bulls, Grizzlies, Heat and Clippers have some observers questioning their dedication, let alone their chances of threepeating.

3. U.S. bobsled team Brett Favre, Kurt Warner Pavle Jovanovich, a member of the No. 1 two- and four-man teams, is suspended. Can't these Olympians just say no to diet supplements?

2. Pennsylvania pro football fans Steelers, Eagles Amish and steelworker alike, all were dreaming of an all-Keystone State Super Bowl. But dreams don't always come true.

1. The legend of Slash's maturity Kordell Stewart It is said that under pressure, our true selves are often revealed.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: 2000 Stanley Cup finalists (Devils and Stars both fired good coaches after players quit on them), Chicago Bulls, Monarchos & his connections, "The Chamber," "Austin Powers in Goldmember"

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Peaked; all downhill


Page 2's Power Poll: Jan. 15-21

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