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Page 2's Power Poll dares to rate the teams that are currently wielding the most power in the entire sports universe.

Each week, our poll will rank the 10 teams at the top of the power heap -- and the five teams that have lost the most power in the past week. And, by the way, Page 2 uses its own definition for a "team" -- any group of two or more bonded together for the common purpose.

Our Momentum Meter also predicts the direction these teams will be heading in future weeks (see the bottom of the page for a full explanation).

If you've got anything to say about our Top 10 or our Bottom 5, click here to comment -- or forever hold your peace.


1. All golfers not named Tiger Woods Not Tiger Woods They won't have to endure the humiliation of losing all four majors ... at least not this year.

2. The legend that is Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Rapidly on his way to passing Tiger as sports' "surest" sure thing.

3. Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves Weren't they supposed to be vulnerable this year?

4. Michael Schumacher's racing team Michael Schumacher Laid claim to the title of Formula One's greatest driver ever by clinching a record-tying fifth championship.

5. New York Yankees New York Yankees Their bullpen has the league's worst ERA since the All-Star break. Their closer is breaking down. Their starting pitchers are showing their age. Yet they can still find new, creative ways to torture the Red Sox.

6. Seattle SuperSonics Seattle Sonics Performed a trick that would make David Blaine proud by making Vin Baker's massive contract disappear.

7. Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins Contraction won't stop 'em and neither will anyone in the AL Central. With a 13-game lead, the Twinkies are a lock for the postseason ... if there is one.

8. Hackers everywhere Hackers When Tiger Woods shoots an 81, it makes the rest of us at Jerkwater Country Club feel a lot better.

9. U.S. women's soccer U.S. women's soccer America's golden girls began their warm-up for next year's World Cup by ending a four-match losing streak to rival Norway with a resounding 4-0 victory.

10. Anaheim Angels Anaheim Angels Ended a 12-game home losing streak to Seattle by sweeping the rival M's and pulling within one game of the AL West lead. Now, all they've got to do is end the curse of '83, '86, '95, etc.

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5. Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers Continuing all that "good karma" from the All-Star festivities in their city, Bud's boys have lost 11 of 12 since the break.

4. NBA's reputation Traders Big Dog joins The Answer as the second NBA player arrested in a domestic incident in the last week ... and the rough offseason continues for David Stern's empire.

3. Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton You've got to pity any man who loses "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider."

2. Baseball fans Baseball fans With a strike date reportedly set, the countdown to Armaggedon has begun.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers Just like their fans, the Dodgers might not be around for the stretch drive after losing 11 of their last 13.

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Page 2's Power Poll: July 2-8

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