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Page 2's Power Poll dares to rate the teams that are currently wielding the most power in the entire sports universe.

Each week, our poll will rank the 10 teams at the top of the power heap -- and the five teams that have lost the most power in the past week. And, by the way, Page 2 uses its own definition for a "team" -- any group of two or more bonded together for the common purpose.

Our Momentum Meter also predicts the direction these teams will be heading in future weeks (see the bottom of the page for a full explanation).

If you've got anything to say about our Top 10 or our Bottom 5, click here to comment -- or forever hold your peace.


1. Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers If the Nets played in the West ... well, we'd never have heard of them. Now the only questions are: Where do the Lakers rank among the all-time great teams (third or fourth, says Page 2), and how great a coach is Phil Jackson (first or second best ever, says Page 2), whose teams will soon have won 24 -- 24! -- postseason series in a row?

2. The Williams sisters Serena and Venus Williams Richard Williams had a dream ... and we all laughed at him. Well, we all were wrong. Venus and Serena are great athletes, smart, good-natured, funny, winners ... and substantial people worth keeping an eye on even after they stop beating up on the rest of the tennis-playing world.

3. U.S. soccer team United States Maybe it'll be like Bobby Fischer -- a burst of enthusiasm, followed by complete ennui -- but right now, we love "the other football."

4. Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings They've been on the ropes a few times in the Stanley Cup playoffs -- lost the first two games in Round 1 at home to the Canucks, trailed the defending champion Avs in the conference finals 3 games to 2, were a minute away from going down 2 games to 1 in the Cup finals to the upstart 'Canes. But these old guys never lose their cool, and they know how to win.

5. Diamondbacks dynamic duo Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling When the experts said that Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling would not repeat last year's overpowering display of velocity, they were right ... this year, they're a lot better. Between them, they are 21-3, a major reason that the Diamondbacks have the best record in the NL (39-24), and just swept the Red Sox, the team with the best record in baseball (41-20) in Boston.

6. Brazil soccer team Brazil One of only three 2-0 squads left in the World Cup (Mexico and Spain are the other two), the mighty Brazilians are the only pre-tournament favorite living up to their billing.

7. Sarava & those who bet on him Sarava At 70-1, the Belmont Stakes winner paid the biggest price ever in the race, which has been around since 1867.

8. Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox Despite the sweep by the defending champion Diamondbacks over the weekend, as noted above, the Sox still have the best record in baseball ... and with Mariano Rivera on the DL, they might open some serious space on the hated Yankees.

9. The little legend that is Lennox Lewis Lennox Lewis He hasn't beaten much, but he's beaten everyone who's dared to take him on.

10. Spain soccer team Spain Normally disappointing Spaniards were the first to clinch a spot in the round of 16 at the World Cup, so they can play it safe against South Africa on Wednesday.

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5. France soccer team France The French fizzled without even scoring a goal to become the first World Cup defending champions to bow out in the first round since Brazil in 1966.

4. NBA East NBA Eastern Conference No match for the West. Haven't been for years. Won't be for years to come. It's time for the NBA to seed teams without regard to conference, or we're in for a long series of Finals mismatches.

3. U.S. men's tennis icons Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras Andre Agassi's got the tennis equivalent of the golfing "yips," and Pete Sampras can't get out of the first round anymore, let alone challenge for a Grand Slam title. Help!

2. Thoroughbred racing Magic Weisner, War Emblem This is a sport in serious trouble, which needed a Triple Crown winner in the worst way. Instead, they got another fiasco.

1. The myth that is Mike Tyson Mike Tyson He hasn't been even a good fighter for 10 years. Now, after the Memphis Massacre, we say, "Don't go away mad. Just go away."

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