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Page 2's Power Poll dares to rate the teams that are currently wielding the most power in the entire sports universe.

Each week, our poll will rank the 10 teams at the top of the power heap -- and the five teams that have lost the most power in the past week. And, by the way, Page 2 uses its own definition for a "team" -- any group of two or more bonded together for the common purpose.

Our Momentum Meter also predicts the direction these teams will be heading in future weeks (see the bottom of the page for a full explanation).

If you've got anything to say about our Top 10 or our Bottom 5, click here to comment -- or forever hold your peace.


1. War Emblem & his connections War Emblem On the verge of one of the rarest feats in sports -- winning thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown, which hasn't happened since Affirmed swept the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont in 1978.

2. L.A. Lakers L.A. Lakers What's happening to Kobe? First, he goes unrecognized in a Sacramento movie theater. Then, he gets food poisoning. Then, the Lakers lose their first playoff road game since 2000, ending their record streak at 12. What's next? How about a third straight NBA title?

3. Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox This time, they could be for real. Pedro looks healthy and unhittable, once-reviled reliever Derek Lowe is the leading AL Cy Young candidate after only two months back in the rotation, and Grady Little seems to have created something totally lacking in recent years -- clubhouse chemistry. Plus, they can really hit. It all adds up to the best record (30-11) in baseball. Unfortunately, despite all this, the Yankees are only two games out.

4. The legend that is Jason Kidd Jason Kidd He's looking more like the Jason from the "Friday the 13th" movies these days -- what with the eyepatch -- but the man can play.

5. The legend that is Chris Drury Chris Drury For the 10th time in his improbably clutch career, the former Little League legend delivered a playoff game-winning goal, this time leading the defending Stanley Cup champion Avs over the favored Red Wings to grab home-ice advantage. Some people just know how to win.

6. The legend that is Roger Clemens Roger Clemens Should win his 300th game later this year, making him not only an all-time great, but possibly the last of a dying breed. Probably not the nicest man who ever lived, but his feats are unmatched in the history of baseball -- six Cy Youngs, a dominating power pitcher at 39, third in strikeouts. If he gets to 300, he'll be the first to do it strictly in the era of the five-man rotation.

7. Charlotte hoop fans Charlotte fans They might wind up exchanging owner George Shinn for owner Larry Bird. It doesn't get much better than that.

8. D-backs' dynamic duo Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling are 15-2, with 192 Ks (1-2 in the majors) and a combined ERA of about 2.50. This could explain the D-backs' NL-leading 28-16 record.

9. The legend that is Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Sure, he won the Deutsche Bank-SAP Open in Germany on the third sudden-death hole over Colin Montgomerie on Monday. But that's no big deal. The "legend" part is how he gets paid -- a little more than $400,000 for winning, a reported $2 million just for showing up.

10. Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs Carrying the banner for all Canadians after taking home-ice advantage away from the Carolina Hurricanes.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Anaheim Angels, New Jersey Nets, Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics, Detroit Red Wings, Carolina Hurricanes, Micky Ward, Real Madrid, "Attack of the Clones," "Spider-Man"



5. NBA draft lottery Yao Ming All the excitement of watching grass grow -- or the Denver Nuggets. Plus, the worst team hasn't gotten the No. 1 pick in 12 years, which seems a tad bit unfair.

4. Oakland A's Oakland A's At 19-24 (tied for last in the AL West with the Rangers), maybe the disappointing A's, who were the preseason wiseguy pick to go to the World Series this year,do miss Jason Giambi. The second-biggest disappointment in baseball this year.

3. Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs The biggest disappointment in baseball this season, the Cubs were supposed to be much improved, having added Moises Alou to provide "protection" for Sammy Sosa, and featuring some scarily promising young pitching, led by Kerry Wood and super prospect Mark Prior. Alas, it's a case of SOC (Same Old Cubbies), as they've barely been able to hold off the woeful Milwaukee Brewers for last place in the NL Central.

2. The legend that might have been Ryan Leaf Ryan Leaf How far can a man fall in pro football? Try being cut by the Dallas Cowboys because you can't beat out Quincy Carter or Roger Hutchinson. What's next for the one-time No. 2 overall pick ... the WWE?

1. Baseball's keen sense of public relations Baseball Only the players' union, with its implied threat of a strike before the 2002 playoffs, can make Bud Selig into a sympathetic figure.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Memphis Grizzlies, Martina Hingis, Terrell Davis, "Survivor"

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