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This is a make-or-break year for Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks. The locals are getting restless, the pundits are growing tired of saying "watch out for Seattle, they could be the sleeper in this division." It's all got to come together now -- the defense has to tighten up, Hasselback has to be for real, Shaun Alexander has to show somebody a lateral move, and, maybe most importantly of all, Koren Robinson has to keep on doing the big numbers and bold catches he's been doing from the start of his career.

Is Koren ready for another go at it? Is he feeling the heat?

Only one way to find out. That's right, Ten Burning Questions. Eric Neel fired them off, and the Hawks' standout wideout shot 'em right back.

Koren Robinson
Koren Robinson is feelin' blue.
1. Just between you and me, how do you really feel about the Seahawks uniforms?

Koren Robinson: Truthfully, if I feel like we've got the best uniforms in the league when we match 'em up right. When we go blue on blue, we look real sweet.

If it's not the uniforms, what stands between the Seahawks and being the team you all can be?

Robinson: Just ourselves. Nothing but ourselves. I'm just going to go out there and try to lead by example, show everybody I'm giving my all and hopefully they'll follow my lead.

2. What's it like in the locker room when you guys lose a guy like Shawn Springs to injury?

Robinson: It's tough, but we just gotta suck it up. People get hurt, but you got to keep moving, keep trucking, in this game. Guys have to step up now, have to fill in the void.

Knowing that injuries are always possible, are you ever scared out there?

Robinson: No, not really. It's in the back of your head, yeah, but you just hope and pray that it never happens to you, and you go out and play hard.

How do you get your mind set to play? Any pre-game rituals?

Robinson: I just listen to my CDs -- just being able to play in the NFL every week gets me geeked, man.

Who's in the CD player pre-game?

Robinson: Fifty Cent right now.

How about after the game, when you're winding down?

Robinson: I like the old R&B, Barry White and Al Green and stuff.

You have any superstitions or good luck charms?

Robinson: No, I just pray, man. Just pray and get ready to go.

Brett Favre
Brett Favre knows football.
3. If you could play with one quarterback from throughout football history, who would you want to play with and why?

Robinson: Let's see, let's see, let's see ... I don't know, I like Farvre, I like Farvre a lot.

What do you like about him most?

Robinson: His knowledge of the game, and knowing where all his receivers are at any time, his awareness.

Come on, you know what you really like is that he'll head-butt Warren Sapp every once in a while ...

Robinson: Yeah, you know Brett's a beast now.

What about in other walks of life? Who are your idols outside of football?

Robinson: MJ. He was a basketball player and now he's a businessman. I want to do it like that.

If you hadn't become a football player, what would you have done with your life?

Robinson: I'd be a businessman, an entrepreneur. I'd start my own record label, my own construction company, probably get into real estate a little too.

Diversity, I like that.

Robinson: Robinson: Yeah, there's a lot of things working up here in this head.

4. What is the one game on this year's schedule you're keying on?

Robinson: It's the San Francisco game, the fifth game of the year. Hopefully we'll be 4-0 by then. It's nationally televised on ESPN, everybody will see us. It's a night to get my name out nationally. I just need to ball out. That's the game I'm looking forward to.

What's your favorite play in the book this year?

Robinson: I like 'em all. I feel like I can house it on any one of 'em. I like the short routes, though. I like the ball in my hand early, make some moves, make somebody miss me and take it to the house.

5. Tell me about your involvement with the National Alzheimer's Association.

Robinson: My campaign is called K-Rob's Milestones for Memories. I'm hosting a family every game at home and away, and they come down after the game to meet me, and I give $1,000 to the association for every touchdown, 100-yard game, play over 40 yards, and game with 10 or more receptions. I lost my grandmother to the disease in March, and I just wanted to do something in her name, honor her. When she passed, we had started falling apart -- we weren't as close as we had been before the disease -- but this is filling a void right now for me. Being able to honor her, and being able to give to other people who are going through what we went through, it just, it feels great, man.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein knows a lot.
6. If you could have dinner tonight with any three people from throughout history, who would you invite?

Robinson: Let's see ... Einstein, because we have to have some knowledge in there. And Ali, because, you know, he's Ali. And I should have a woman, but you know what, I'm going to go with Napoleon, because he had that little man complex going and he was always looking for angles and I'd want him to tell me how he got the upper-hand on folks.

7. What would you say is the biggest misconception the average fan has about football pro football players?

Robinson: That we don't work hard, man, or that it's an easy job. It's not an easy job, we come to work at eight and leave at six and don't really have any off days. And we play, and it's physical, it's demanding on our bodies, you know. But everybody just sees a lot of money ...

What's the one stereotype about pro players that's the most true?

Robinson: I guess that we're spoiled a little.

So even with all that hard work, you are spoiled a little?

Robinson: Yeah, it's true. But it's a business, you know, so we call it a reward (laughs).

Speaking of "rewards" I understand you like a little jewelry.

Robinson: Yeah, you know, a little jewels here, a little jewels there. You got to have a little ice, you got to keep your body frozen.

8. Speaking of jewelry, word is you just got engaged. Congratulations.

Koren Robinson
Off the field, Koren made an even finer catch.
Robinson: Thank you, thank you.

Let's play a little Newlywed Game: What would your fiancÚ say is the most annoying little habit you have?

Robinson: She doesn't like the way I always say "whatever."

You mean like she wants to talk about something serious and you just go, "whatever"?

Robinson: Exactly.

I've been married seven years Koren, I know what I'm talking about: you have to stop that right now.

Robinson: I know, I know. That irks her nerves. She deserves better.

What would she say is the most charming part about you?

Robinson: I'm romantic, man. I wine and dine her.

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for her?

Robinson: On Valentine's Day I filled her room with balloons and rose petals all over, then took her out to eat, treated her the whole night. I treat her like she's supposed to be treated. I've got a spit-game on the field, and off it I can talk just as well.

Let's talk a minute about the smack you talk on the field.

Robinson: I try to get in your ear and stay in your ear. Any edge I can find. If I can get you worried about me, then I know I got you.

9. I hear you're a car collector.

Robinson: I love cars. I don't know what it is. I just like the way they enhance your look, man. I got a little bit of a fetish.

Do you go out driving around town much?

Robinson: A little bit, you know, trying to be seen, but not too much. Just having fun.

What's your favorite car that you own?

Robinson: I'd say my '65 Impala.

What's one car out there that you really wish you owned?

Robinson: The McLaren.

I don't know that car.

Robinson: Yeah, it's a million dollars.

Oh, so I'm never going to know that car. How about you, would you drop a million on one?

Robinson: Not right now (laughs), not yet. It's a little too early in my career.

10. If they were making a movie of your life story, who plays you in the Koren Robinson Story?

Robinson: I like Will Smith, but I don't know if he could play me. I would probably have to play myself. It'd be hard to play me.


Robinson: I just think I'm different, man.

You'd be sitting down from Will going, "I respect you as an actor, Will, but you just can't get me."

Robinson: Yeah (laughs).


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