Michael Vick
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We know Michael Vick gives defensive coordinators nightmares and we know his jerseys fly off the shelves, but what else is there?

Page 2's Mike Philbrick caught up with the pride of Virginia as he took to the cyber gridiron in EA's Madden 2004 -- featuring none other than Mr. Vick himself -- and learned quite a bit. Who knew that some things are even more important than a Super Bowl ring? Oh, and no matter what, do not call him "Oogie." Hey, it's for your own good.

Michael Vick
On the field, Vick won't crack -- and neither will his lips.
1. What would you rather have an Oscar, a Grammy or a Super Bowl ring?

Vick: Super Bowl ring. Why? 'Cause that's the sport I'm in!

Would you give up Chap Stick for the rest of your life to get a Super Bowl ring?

Vick: [Thinking] Man, I really want a Super Bowl ring but I gotta have that Chap Stick.

2. What do you think about Virginia Tech going to the ACC?

Vick: I'm excited about it. I think they're going to have an opportinity to contend with some of the best teams in the country. So all they'll have to do is knock off Florida St. and beat everybody else and they'll be playing for the National Championship.

How would your teams have done?

Vick: We would have ran through that league. I don't care, all my boys on my team that played in the ACC, I let them know that too. Everytime we played a team in the ACC we beat them by 30 points.

3. Head-to-head vs. Marcus Vick who would win in a QB challenge?

Vick: Man, my little brother beat me in almost everything growing up, but right now in a quarterback challenge I think I would win.

What about Madden?

Vick: I'll be honest with you. I can not beat him in Madden. Not even close. He's the only person I can't beat.

Where does (cousin) Aaron Brooks place in all this?

Vick: Aaron and I are battling for second. He's a big time gamer though. Last time me and Aaron played I beat up on him, but next time ... I don't know.

Tell us the greatest Michael Vick highlight off the athletic field.

Vick: It has to be my son. He's the greatest thing I've got going on right now.

Michael Vick
The only thing that can stop Vick is little brother Marcus.

4. What can any of these guys say on the field to get you mad?

Vick: Not really anything. Well, unless they start something about my mom or something.

What if someone called you "Ookie"?

Vick: Man, if they called me Ookie it would really be on. I would really be upset, because nobody else can call me by my nickname but my mom. Unless I give you permission because you really know me, but none of the guys know me real good so they can't do it. But yeah, that would really get me going.

5. If you could have one superpower -- the strength of 100 men, invisibility, or the ability to fly -- which would you choose and why?

Vick: Oh, man invisibility. If I was in a bad situation or something or I said something or you know, caught with two girls I could just disappear. I could be gone just like that -- no trouble.

6. If you could take one career mulligan -- do one thing over -- what would it be and what would you do differently?

Vick: No question. That Philly game. Just playing that Philly game one more time.

7. If you weren't in football right now, what would you be doing?

Vick: I'd be in the NBA. I'd play for Memphis. I want a team that's not that good so I can bring them back to the top.

8. Describe the ideal Michael Vick day.

Michael Vick
The Lambeau advantage is no match for Vick.
Vick: Just playing video games all day long, maybe do a little fishing.

Describe the Michael Vick nightmare day.

Vick: Any day when I don't win.

9. They're taking it all away tomorrow -- the fame, the fortune, everything. What do you do tonight, your last night?

Vick: I'd play Madden. Play it all night until my fingers fall off.

10. What's left, what's ahead, what have you not done that you still want to do?

Vick: I want to go on a safari trip. I want to go to a jungle where I can see all kinds of tigers and elephants because I love animals. Just hop on the wagon and go. East Africa or someplace, hey, wherever it is, that's what I want to do.


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