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Bradley Whitford

Page 2 staff

Bradley Whitford
Bradley Whitford makes his wife cry during their tennis matches.
Bradley Whitford is the ultimate politcal gamesman as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on NBC's "The West Wing." But his game of choice off-camera is tennis. He and his wife, Jane Kaczmarek of "Malcolm in the Middle," are the spokesteam for USA Tennis Month, which ended May 31.

So, Page 2 asked Whitford 10 burning questions that others wouldn't dare to ask.

1. Page 2: Bjorn Borg or John McEnroe?
Whitford: Oh, wow. Those were the matches I was really into -- I was playing high school tennis at that time. Back then, I liked Borg. He wasn't a crybaby when he lost. McEnroe was a spoiled little rich kid. I love McEnroe now, though. That was when he was young. He's ripened well, like a fine wine.

2. Who were you rooting for when Billie Jean King played Bobby Riggs?
Whitford: Billie Jean King. I thought Riggs was an obnoxious guy. I always liked her. And chicks rule.

Anna Kournikova
See answer to question No. 2a.
2a. Why is women's tennis better to watch than men's right now?
Whitford: Short skirts. Case closed. Next question?

3. What happens when you and your wife play each other in tennis?
Whitford: I can usually beat her, but she does strange things. She'll start crying in the middle of a game. Technically, I can beat her, but she usually throws some weird emotional mojo that gets me off my game. She's a terrifying player.

4. Who's more dysfunctional, the U.S. government or the "Malcolm in the Middle" house?
Whitford: The U.S. government. They have no Lois (played by his wife).

Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen, left, and John Spencer of "The West Wing" aren't connecting with viewers in the 1- to 3-year-old demographic.
4a. Which show, "Malcolm" or "West Wing," would you watch if they were on at the same time?
Whitford: "Malcolm." I can connect to it a little more. My 1-year-old and 3-year-old aren't into big policy decisions. They can't really appreciate "West Wing."

5. Why is zero called love?
Whitford: Because love means never having to say you're a zero.

6. Would tennis make more sense if it had an easier to understand system of scoring?
Whitford: I don't think it's that complicated, really. Anybody who can dial a telephone can master tennis scoring in about 15 minutes.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair
7. Should the people at Wimbledon loosen up?
Whitford: Yeah, I think all of England should loosen up. I think England is a big mess. They're very snobby. They have a queen. It's absurd. Although I do like Tony Blair. And if any English people want to argue about this, I'm ready.

7a. What's tougher, getting elected or winning Wimbledon?
John McEnroe
John McEnroe, in the early sprouting stages of 1981.
Whitford: Getting elected. Because the rules of the game aren't as easily defined.

8. Which superpower would you rather have, the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly, or the ability to be invisible?
Whitford: The ability to fly. I always dream about that.

9. What's a more impeachable sin, hiding MS or having an affair with an intern?
Whitford: Hiding MS, because it has a direct impact on how that person serves. Whereas having an affair with an intern is just an incredibly stupid thing to do.

10. Who's the best athlete on your show?
Richard Schiff
Richard Schiff
Whitford: Richard Schiff (who plays Toby Ziegler). He's a really good baseball player. It's surprising because he looks exhausted.

10a. Which athlete would make the best president?
Whitford: Well, Tiger Woods broke the SAG strike, so he's out. (Several minutes of thinking). I'll go with Cal Ripken. He's steady, he focuses on his job, and he's a good guy.

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