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Joe Paterno
Joe Paterno
PRO-RECALL: Penn State has been more Minnesota than Michigan in recent seasons. The offense is blander than the uniforms and the defense has never recovered from LaVar Arrington and Courtney Brown leaving. Forget coaching like he's living in the first Bush presidency, Paterno looks like he voted for Martin Van Buren.

NO RECALL: Paterno isn't the only one getting left in the dust by the modern world. Located in State College, PA, Penn State is about 130 miles from Pittsburgh and farther than that from relevancy. Ohio State boosters would have a tough time convincing kids to come to the middle of nowhere to play football these days. At least with Paterno calling the shots, fans of the Lions still have a link to their memories.

REPLACEMENTS: Pete Carroll, Jon Gruden, Bear Bryant, Ty Willingham, Big 10 official


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