Auburn/Alabama vs. Washington/Wash. St.
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  • Alabama and Auburn have faced off in the "Iron Bowl" since 1893.

  • Alabama leads the series, 38-28-1.

  • The teams play each other this year on Nov. 22 at Auburn.
  • The teams have played each other 95 times since 1900.

  • Washington leads the series, 62-27-6.

  • This year's Apple Cup takes place on Nov. 22 in Seattle.
  • Auburn/Alabama
    When victory is twice as sweet
    Bear Bryant passed Amos Alonzo Stagg as the winningest coach in college football when the Crimson Tide won the 1981 Iron Bowl, 28-17.

    Classic Game
    Auburn trailed 16-3 with less than six minutes remaining in the 1972 contest. The Tigers came back to win, 17-16. Here's how it happened: Bill Newton blocked two punts. David Langer scooped up the ball both times for touchdowns.

    Growling Bear
    Bryant underscored the importance of the game when he said he would "rather beat that cow college once than beat Texas 10 times."

    You know it's a real rivalry when
    The two schools hate each other so much the game has to be played on neutral ground. That was the case between 1948 and 1989, when the teams played in Birmingham.

    Bo knows
    When it's time to take out his "A" game. Jackson rushed for 256 yards in the 1983 Iron Bowl, leading Auburn to a 23-20 win.

    How deep does it run?
    The rivalry was suspended for about 40 years because the two schools couldn't agree on how many players could suit up, among other things.

    When former Auburn star Fob James ran for governor in 1978, Alabama fans ran TV and newspaper ads asking Alabamans to just think about it: did they really want a former Auburn player in the governor's mansion?

    Well, sometimes the fans agree
    Pat Dye was an Alabama assistant coach during that 1972 game mentioned above. "We were leading 16-0, and thoroughly dominating, and Auburn finally got close enough to kick a field goal," he recalled. "Everybody in the stadium Legion Field in Birmingham -- 35,000 on one side wearing red, 35,000 on the other wearing orange and blue -- got up and booed Shug (Jordan) for kicking the field goal.

    "Our fans were booing because he'd spoiled the shutout, and their fans were booing because they thought he'd given up. As it turned out, that field goal was the winning margin - but it's the only time I've ever seen both teams' fans stand up and boo the same play."
    --Jeff Merron

    Two jokes
    (Thanks to the Seattle Tiimes)

    1. How many Cougars does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is one. But it's a three-credit class.

    2. Why is there artificial turf in Husky stadium? Answer: To prevent the cheerleaders from grazing.

    How big?
    Washington State's Dan Lynch, 1984: "There are four important stages in your life. You're born, you play the Huskies, you get married, and you die."

    Classic Game
    There haven't been many in this series, but a huge one came in 1982. The Huskies entered the game 9-1, and a win over the Cougars would mean a trip to the Rose Bowl. The Cougars were only 2-7-1, and playing for pride. The Cougars' 24-20 win was followed by a huge celebration that peaked when fans ripped out the goalposts and sent them floating down the Palouse River.

    Last year
    Was truly one of the most memorable in the long series. Washington won 29-26 in triple overtime. After the game in Pullman, Cougars fans threw bottles and other hard objects at celebrating Huskies. "I was getting attacked by bottles," said Washington QB Cody Pickett. The school's AD, Barbara Hedges, said, "I feared for my life."

    That's some serious trash talk, coach
    Huskies coach Don James, 1983: "I've always felt being a Cougar prepares you well for life. You learn not to expect too much."

    Just one more joke, please
    In 1997, the Cougars beat the Huskies to make their first Rose Bowl in 67 years. Washington State was led by Ryan Leaf at QB. This was making the rounds back then: Q. What's the difference between God and Ryan Leaf? A. God doesn't think he's Ryan Leaf.
    --Jeff Merron


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