Texas/Oklahoma vs. Ole Miss/Mississippi St.
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  • The teams first played each other in 1900, before Oklahoma was even a state.

  • Texas leads the series, 55-38-5.

  • Oklahoma beat Texas 65-13 in this year's game.
  • The teams began playing each other in 1901.

  • Ole Miss leads the series, 57-37-6.

  • The teams play in Starkville on Nov. 27 this year (Thanksgiving).
  • Oklahoma/Texas
    Miss/Miss State
    As neutral as neutral can be
    The game is played every year in Dallas at the Texas State Fair. Each school gets 38,000 tickets.

    Don't worry, Prez, those boos are for me
    A day before the 1976 Crude Feud, Texas coach Darrell Royal called Oklahoma's coaches "sorry bastards," in what he thought was an off-the-record remark (one day earlier, he had accused them of spying). The AP printed the comment. The following day, Royal escorted President Gerald Ford out to midfield for the coin toss.

    "Mr. President, there's probably going to be some reaction when I come out of this tunnel," warned Royal. "This is the Oklahoma end of the stadium, and they've already booed me once out there. They may start booing and raising hell again."

    "Well, I'm big enough to handle it," Ford replied.

    Later, the Oklahoma coaches admitted to spying. But that wasn't what bugged the fans. It was the "sorry bastards" comment.

    It's more than just a game
    When the teams met in 1963, Texas was ranked No. 2 and Oklahoma No. 1. Texas shut down OU's star running back, Joe Don Looney, and won, 28-7. Shortly after, Sooners coach Bud Wilkinson retired, and announced he would run for the Senate in 1964. One Oklahoma state rep predicted the loss would cost Wilkinson 50,000-75,000 votes.

    Nobody knows what would have happened if Oklahoma had won. But Wilkinson lost by 20,000 votes.

    The Classic Game
    1984. Sooners ranked No. 5. Longhorns ranked No. 1. Rain-swamped field. Little offense. Lots of controversial calls. Tie game, 15-15.
    --Jeff Merron

    An ugly brawl lays the Golden Egg
    In 1926, Ole Miss beat the Bulldogs (or, as one writer called them, the "Bearded Beserkers") for the first time in more than a decade. During the tight, low-scoring game (final score: 7-6), the teams brawled. Rebels fans, in gleeful celebration, had a go at ripping down the goalposts. Bulldog fans didn't take kindly to that kind of behavior, so the unplanned postgame show featured fans of both teams bashing each other over the head with cane-bottomed chairs.

    In an effort to prevent further hostilities, the two schools got together to create a gold-plated football on a pedastal, which would go to the winners. In 1927, the trophy -- called the Golden Egg because of the shape of footballs, circa 1927, debuted.

    The Immaculate Deflection
    In a recent Memphis Commercial Appeal poll, fans voted it the greatest play in SEC history.

    They might also have voted it the strangest.

    It was just a field goal attempt, one of thousands that have been attempted in the waning seconds of close games. Artie Cosby's kick might even have gone over the crossbar. But it came back, a victim of a fierce, sudden wind gust. And State lost, 24-23.

    Emory Bellard, the Bulldogs' head coach, had witnessed just about everything in his three decades on the sidelines. But, he said after the game, "I've never seen a kick come backwards before."

    Scrambled eggs
    For 50 years, the game had been called the "Battle of the Golden Egg." In 1977, the Jackson, Miss. Clarion-Ledger ran a pair of headlines that changed the name of the game forever. A preview came under the head, "Egg Bowl Is Up For Scramble." A wrap up: "Egg Bowl '77: State 18, Ole Miss 14." The following year, the Clarion-Ledger played the "Egg Bowl" theme to the hilt, and gosh darn it, the press had actually done something good and right. The name stuck.
    --Jeff Merron


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