Happy Halloween!
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Just in time for Halloween weekend, here's a rundown of the frightening (and not-so-scary) trends in sports and elsewhere:

Category Not Scary Scary
LeBron Endorsements Jump shot
Front-row tickets

Steve Bartman
Grady Little Curses Decisions
Kobe Shaq Daddy Mark Hurlburt
Tiger Woods Money lists Major droughts
Barry Bonds Pitchers Grand juries
Josh Beckett
The Yankees

Damon Stoudamire Behavior codes Airport security
Olympics USA hoops Drug testing
WUSA Spending Solvency
LCS TV ratings

No Cubs, Red Sox next year
Brawlers Pedro Martinez Don Zimmer
NBA factory Brazil Argentina
Massacre Texas Chainshaw Mavs shot selection
Wide receiver Terrell Owens Randy Moss
AFC West Raiders Dante Hall
Tennis All-Belgian finals Slams w/o Serena, Venus
Home-field advantage Wrigley West Virginia
Meg Ryan Sally Freaky "In the Cut" woman
Sequel Joe Millionaire Nick-Jessica II
Arkansan Wesley Clark Paris Hilton
"Playmakers" Constant drama Canadian accents
Revived career
Pam Anderson

Jenny McCarthy
Eminem Court appearance Rapping judge
Ashton Kutcher Dating Demi Stepdad?
Metrosexuals Salon hairstyling Pedicures
Fake reality TV Laughing at others You're next
BCS Senate hearings No unbeaten teams
College hoops Cameron Crazies "Code of ethics"
Endorsement DVR (woo-hoo!) THG (whoops ...)
The Bachelor
Bob Guiney

Mike Tyson
Retro jersey Roy Tarpley Yinka Dare
Halloween costume Bart Simpson Steve Bartman
Warren Sapp Pregame antics PTI-style TV-show host

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.



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