The NBA almost got it right
By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

To: David Stern
From: The All-Star Hoop-It-Up Committee
Re: Elimination Tournament

Mr. Commissioner:

The members of the committee would like to thank you, in your eminent wisdom, for pulling the plug on the NBA 2ball competition during All-Star Weekend. While it served its purpose for a while -- raising awareness of the WNBA -- the players' association became a little concerned that the men were outshot and outhustled by the women.

This season, the 2ball has morphed into a promotion of the NBA's grassroots "Hoop-It-Up" three-on-three tournaments. This weekend, four teams will represent Houston, Los Angeles, All-Star-Game host Philadelphia and an international team. Each team has a current NBA player representing the area, a current WNBA player, a former NBA player and a guest celebrity -- this year it's comedian Jamie Foxx, pop star Justin Timberlake, TV star Tom "Ed" Cavanagh and R&B star Brian McKnight. At any given point, either the former NBA player or the celebrity has to be on the floor. Personally, I am intrigued to see Timberlake's jump shot.

We think this idea has some "legs," Mr. Commissioner, and we'd like to suggest that we replace the rather staid existing field with eight innovative new teams, turning it into a full-fledged "tournament" sure to please the fans and bring in the TV ratings:

Team NBAer No. 1 NBAer No. 2 Guest vet Guest celebrity
"Team Gorgeous"
Sam Cassell

Popeye Jones

Dennis Johnson

Woody Allen
"Team Williams" Jason Williams Shammond Williams John "Hot Plate" Williams Robin Williams
"Team Suspension"
Maurice Taylor

Lamar Odom

Roy Tarpley

Robert Downey Jr.
"Team Malcontent" Rod Strickland Isaiah Rider Adrian Dantley Val Kilmer
"Team MJ Made My Career" Steve Kerr Scottie Pippen Jack Haley Spike Lee
"Team Teen"
Kwame Brown

Eddy Curry

LeBron James

Mandy Moore
"Team Tiny" Earl Boykins Damon Stoudamire Michael Adams Chris Kattan
"Team One-Dimension"
Shawn Kemp

Danny Fortson

Tim Legler

Kevin Costner

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