Expos: Boston's new kids on the block
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Youppi! is a lot warmer than Carl Everett ever was.
Major League Baseball is reportedly considering moving the Expos from Montreal to Boston until they can find a permanent home. Her are 10 reasons why the Boston Expos will be an improvement over the Boston Red Sox:

10. Expos' legacy of frustration has lasted merely 33 -- rather than 84 -- years.

9. Expos have Youppi! for a mascot. Red Sox have the memory of Carl Everett.

8. Expos traded away Big Unit -- not quite as stupid as trading away the Babe.

7. Players' experience in Quebec helps cause of Roxbury separatists

6. "Le Monstre Vert" much more cosmopolitan than "The Green Monster."

Cliff Floyd
Cliff Floyd will finally be able to settle down.
5. Five words: Great Fenway seats still available

4. Expos GM Omar Minaya didn't even bother to interview for thankless Sox GM job.

3. Expos offer Bostonians with inferiority complex a half-dozen more opportunities to boo a visiting team from New York.

2. Makes future Cliff Floyd trades between teams extra convenient.

1. Frank Robinson could kick Grady Little's butt.

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