What's hot, not for the week
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

(To the tune of "White Christmas")

Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw wonders where the yellow went.
I'm dreaming of a white jersey
Just like the ones they used to wear
But this past year's lesson:
You don't go messin'
With fashion -- it ends up a nightmare.

The Lakers ignored a common 2002 trend: Alternative jerseys look hot, but teams' performances in them have been so "not." L.A.'s "white Christmas" was not as big a blunder as Notre Dame's season-destroying decision to wear "lucky" green against Boston College this fall or San Diego's slump since they wore the powder blues. However, it begs the question of why the swooning Lakers would choose a nationally televised game against their most bitter ... and talented ... and motivated rivals to don the look.

Alternative jerseys may fire up the fans -- and team merchandise sales -- but they also fire up the other team. Here's an early new year's resolution suggestion for teams: Give alternate jersey fashions the "Homecoming Test." As in: Debut radical jersey looks against teams of the same quality you'd schedule homecoming against, rather than, say, a good team.

For more on what's hot and what's not hot this week, check out the list below:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Playoff tie-breaker Record vs. common conference opponents Strength of victory
Coaching-change announcements NFL Week 15 After lame-duck loss
to the 'Skins
Xmas hoops
Tracy McGrady

The Lakers
Female athletes College-football kickers Private-club golfers
Basketballs Synthetic Leather
Yankees' Cuban
of choice

Jose Contreras

Orlando Hernandez
A.J. Feeley

Brian Griese
NFL playoff wannabe

New York team on a roll

Bill Parcells Come on, you know it's
gonna happen
Stumbling blocks
Texan most glad the season is over
David Carr

Dave Campo
Deion's limitation Can't get through waivers Can't cover anymore
Norm Chow Assistant's life is nice Kentucky in worse trouble
than we thought
Worthy of retired jersey Patrick Ewing Charlie Ward
Stocking stuffer "Gospel According to ESPN" Yet another coffee mug
NCAA investigation a-brewing
Florida State football

UNC hoops
All-day Xmas marathon can't-get-enough "A Christmas Story" "Trading Spaces"
Johnson Brad Still not Rob
NFL game of the week Miami-New England Minnesota-Detroit
Alabama Hoops Football coach without issues
Holiday-weekend flick
"Catch Me If You Can"

"Nicholas Nickleby"
(or is that "Nickelback"?)

A very special Hot 'n' Not New Year's Day bowl preview

What's Hot, What's Not for New Year's Day bowls
Category Hot Not
Rare steaks
(and Rex Grossman)

Bloomin' arteries
(and John Navarre)
Home games (Texas)

Anymore Hail Marys (LSU)
Coaches of the year
(Notre Dame)

Cupcake scheduling
(N.C. State)
Capitol One
Best RB in nation
(Penn State)

Best injured RB in nation
Non-traditional team

Fiesta wannabe
(Washington State)
No NCAA issues

Pick a problem, any problem
(Florida State)
Orange (Jan. 2)
Heisman runners-up

Heisman winners
Fiesta (Jan. 3)
NFL prospects volume

Lucky to be 13-0
(Ohio State)

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "What's Hot, What's Not" trend-spotting list appears Thursdays.



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