What was Jim Bowden thinking?
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Jim Bowden
Jim Bowden, shown before sticking his foot in his mouth.
What the heck was Cincinnati Reds GM Jim Bowden thinking when he used an analogy comparing Donald Fehr, head of the players' union, to the 9/11 terrorist hijackers?

A. "If I don't exercise my right to offend anyone with an ounce of sensitivity, then the terrorists have already won."

B. "The fans already think the owners and players are greedy and uncaring. It's about time they learned GMs are, too."

C. "That wasn't even my A-List material. I've got this great one where I compare Jose Rijo's socks to Hitler."

D. "Shoot. I forgot to mention Marvin Miller."

E. "The fact that his last name has an 'H' preceded by a vowel is rather Middle Eastern."

F. "There's no better investment than a degree from the Marge Schott School of Communications."


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