What was Eric Gregg thinking?
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Eric Gregg
Eric Gregg, the former umpire strikes back.
What the heck was former umpire Eric Gregg thinking when he picketed the New York offices of Major League Baseball and Bud Selig for two hours, wearing a sign that read, "Bud Selig, just Give Us What You Owe Us"?

A. "Give me the medical benefits and money that I was promised ... or an overstuffed Italian hoagie. Either one's acceptable."

B. "One picket sign doesn't necessarily constitute a strike, but you know me -- I'll call anything a strike."

C. "Man, I forgot how hard this standing-up-for-two-hours thing is."

D. "I'm totally embarrassed. I can't believe Donald Fehr and I showed up at the same place wearing the same sign!"

E. "And don't even get started on what Livan Hernandez still owes me for the 1997 NLCS."

F. "I want three years of missed complimentary pregame meals: That comes to 972 hot dogs, 486 bags of chips, and 243 pounds of potato salad."


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