What was Steve Spurrier thinking?
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Steve Spurrier
Steve Spurrier, center, just isn't accustomed to playing meaningless games.
What the heck was Steve Spurrier thinking when he had his Washington Redskins blow out the San Francisco 49ers 38-7 in the first exhibition game for both teams, who will meet in a meaningful regular-season game in San Francisco on Sept. 22?

A. "Anybody can be an ostentatious, callous, unsportsmanlike coach in college. It takes a real man to do it in the pros."

B. "You try to slow down the Danny Wuerffel express and see how well you do."

C. "We'll need that margin of victory for the BCS computer to stick us in the Super Bowl."

D. "Have you seen our quarterbacks? This might be our only chance to run up the score all year."

E. "These early season nonconference matchups are always extremely important."

F. "Big 5 was running a promotion. Score 38 points or more during the preseason. Get a free visor."


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