What was Patrick Ewing thinking?
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Patrick Ewing
Patrick Ewing never really liked gaudy jewelry anyway.
What the heck was Patrick Ewing thinking when he retired after 18 seasons without an NBA championship and said he was still "at peace"?

A. "Have you seen the tan marks on Phil Jackson's fingers from all those rings? It's really quite embarassing."

B. "Jordan has six championships. Does he seem peaceful to you?"

C. "Well, obviously, if Stockton and Malone get rings, stay out of post offices forever. Otherwise, I'm soooo at peace, bro."

D. "Eighteen years and no titles is not a big deal. Just ask Red Sox fans."

E. "Money may not buy happiness, but it does score you a boatload of peace."

F. "This is really a happy ending for me. And trust me, I know a thing or two about 'Happy Endings.' Just ask Gloria down at The Gold Club."


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