What was Keith Richards thinking?
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What the heck was Keith Richards thinking when he ripped fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger for accepting knighthood from the British Empire? Richards told Mojo magazine that he threatened to pull out of the Stones' 40th anniversary tour when he learned of "His Satanic Majesty."

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
Keith Richards, left, was royally upset over Sir Mick's new exalted status.
A. "I once smoked 6,000 cigarettes in a single afternoon, and nobody's banging down my door with any proclamations."

B. "Someone's got a big head now that he's doing a secret handshake with Anthony Hopkins."

C. "Mick gets knighted. The next thing you know, Ozzy Osbourne will have an Emmy."

D. He was just a little jealous over not having his own flip-down metal facemask.

E. "That's such bull. I've been dead for 10 years, and nobody has done a damn thing for me."

F. "Damn. I had Ronnie Wood in my 'Rolling Stones Knighting Pool.' "


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