What was Hubie Brown thinking?
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When weird things happen in sports -- or in the real world for that matter -- Page 2 always comes to rescue with our "What the Heck Are They Thinking" series.

Hubie Brown
We believe Hubie has updated his wardrobe since his last stint on the bench.
This week, however, something happened in the NBA that's so strange, we're devoting an entire edition of "Thinking" to one incident: the winless Memphis Grizzlies hiring TNT broadcaster Hubie Brown to be their head coach.

What the heck was 69-year-old Hubie Brown thinking when Jerry West called and asked him to become the next coach of the Memphis Grizzlies?

A. "If I can get this White Chocolate fella to buy into my 'five-passes-before-we-shoot' rule, we'll be just fine."

B. "There's a team in Memphis. ... When did that happen?"

C. "I'm now coaching Shane Battier, one of the best garbage men in our league today. He puts on his hard hat every night and does ... all ... the ... little things. He has tons of upside"

D. "Are you kidding??!! A chance to coach Shaq, Kobe, the three-time defending. ... Oh, so you've left L.A."

E. "I can't wait for the first game against Portland. I've always loved matching wits with Dr. Jack Ramsay."

F. "Hey, I've still got a lot to teach, like better drooling techniques ... uh, I mean, dribbling techniques."


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