What was Jerry West thinking?
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What the heck was Jerry West thinking when he decided Hubie Brown was his man?

Jerry West
We believe Jerry West has a plan for the Grizzlies ... but we're not quite sure.
A. "If you look at the job he did rebuilding teams in Indiana, San Antonio and Philadelphia, plus the NCAA championship he won at Kansas, it's clear that coach Brown has a résumé that few people can match."

B. "When Red Auerbach turned us down, Hubie was the next best choice."

C. "The team won't be any better, but at least I won't have to listen to Hubie talk about 'our league' on TV for a few years."

D. "If you look at the way Hubie has changed his hairstyle over the years, it's pretty clear that he can adapt to changing times."

E. "People laughed when I hired Pat Riley out of the broadcast booth in 1984, too. But remember I'm a freakin' genius, people. I'm the damn NBA logo."

F. "I don't have time to conduct an extensive coaching search. I'm off to scout LeBron James."


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