What was White Chocolate thinking?
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What the heck was Jason Williams, a k a "White Chocolate," thinking when he heard that 69-year-old Hubie Brown was going to be his new coach?

Jason Williams
Jason Williams might be able to learn a few things from his new coach.
A. "I think I'll call him 'Doobie' Brown."

B. "Hubie used to be a coach? With that face, I had him figured for an ex-undertaker."

C. "Elvis. West. Calipari. Hubie. ... Memphis: The city where legends go to die."

D. "Hopefully, Hubie's forgotten that time when one of my errant passes nailed him at the broadcast table."

E. "I hope he doesn't have that old person smell."

F. "Well at least they didn't hire a guy who's Asian or homosexual."


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