What was Michael Jackson thinking?
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As usual, a lot of strange stuff is happening in the world of sports -- and in the real world, for that matter. So, Page 2 is here once again to try to make sense of all the weirdness with another edition of "What the Heck Are They Thinking?"

Michael Jackson
Can you give me a few minutes to put my face on? No, seriously.
We've tried to figure out what some prominent folks might be thinking -- if anything -- and the best we could do was come up with multiple possibilities, all equally plausible. So, as always, we are asking for your help. Check out the options for each questionable act or quote, and vote in the poll to move on to yet another strange story.

What the heck was Michael Jackson thinking when he had his lawyers request that a photographer be removed from the courtroom at his breach-of-contract trial?

A. "You want the truth about my skin pigmentation? You can't handle the truth about my skin pigmentation!"

B. "Have you people seen me lately? I think for once I'm thinking like a normal human being."

C. "My plastic surgeon accidently took off my good side when he removed my nose."

D. "Unless there's a giraffe in a photo with me, I feel awkward and self-conscious."

E. "This guy should know the camera adds 10 pounds ... and subtracts 10 degrees of pigment."

F. "He didn't look like he was old enough to be here. And this trial is too important for me to be getting sexually aroused."


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