What the heck was Bill Callahan thinking?
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What the heck was Bill Callahan thinking when he failed to change the Raiders audible calls for the Super Bowl ... even though he knew that Jon Gruden was familiar with them?

Bill Callahan
"Between the press conferences, phone interviews, and practices, it's hard to dot every 'i' and cross every 't'."
A."Their D can stop whatever we throw at them, anyway. Might as well not make anyone have to memorize a bunch of new stuff."

B. "What difference does sit make? No one can hear our cadence over Sapp's mouth, anyway."

C. "I actually did make some new ones, but Barrett Robbins had my only copy of the list."

D. "Gruden pinky swore he wouldn't use the knowledge against us, so I figured we were fine."

E. "That familiarity will make him cocky, thus keeping us within twenty points of victory."

F. "Hey, we thought audible calls in pig latin would confuse them enough."

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