What the heck was Matt Millen thinking?
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What the heck was Matt Millen thinking when he fired Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg (SP?) ... a month after he said he would not fire him?

Matt Millen
"Y'all seem much more shocked than Marty was when he heard it."
A."Marrucci and Morningweg gives the "M&M Boys" nickname more growth potential, so I need to jump on the chance."

B. "It's time to test the power of having your fingers crossed."

C. "It's longer than Red McCombs took to renege on firing Denny Green."

D. "Well, at the time, I thought I might be getting axed, too, and needed Marty sticking up for me in meetings."

E. "I'm sorry. With our record the last two seasons, I figured nobody would actually listen to me when I talk."

F. "I also said we'd make the playoffs this year."

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