What the heck was Marc Trestman thinking?
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What the heck Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman thinking when he ran short-yardage TD specialist Zach Crockett twice in a row ... on first and second down ... nowhere near the goal line?

Marc Trestman
"If we can get to 3rd and 8, we'll have them right where we want them."
A."Considering Crockett can't throw an interception, this seems like our best option."

B. "I don't care if it works or not. I'm a huge Miami Vice fan who represents for Don Johnson whenever possible."

C. "I would have insulted Sapp, too. But I'm always bumming Kodiak from the guy."

D."This plan's a crockett of…"

E. "Dammit, Garner. Hurry up out of the bathroom!!!"

F. "It adds the element of "Surprise! I've lost my job!"

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