What was Phil Mickelson thinking?
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What the heck was Phil Mickelson thinking when he said Tiger Woods was playing "with inferior equipment" from Nike, and he "hates that I can fly past him now"?

Phil Mickelson
"I am Phil Mickelson."
A. "I believe it was Stuart Scott who opined, 'Don't hate the playa, hate the equipment manufacturer.' "

B. "A good craftsman never blames his equipment. He blames other people's equipment."

C. "Every player on the tour can fly past him now. You know, ever since he started driving that Buick Skylark."

D. "Yeah. That ought to take the varnish off the three majors he'll win this year."

E. "So what if he hasn't played this year. Bottom line is, my 2003 driving average is 312 yards. His is 0."

F. "He also hates that my wife is hotter than his girlfriend."


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