What was Ben Affleck thinking?
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As usual, a lot of strange stuff is happening in the world of sports -- and in the real world, for that matter. So, Page 2 is here once again to try to make sense of all the weirdness with another edition of "What the Heck Are They Thinking?"

We've tried to figure out what some prominent folks might be thinking -- if anything -- and the best we could do was come up with multiple possibilities, all equally plausible. So, as always, we are asking for your help. Check out the options for each questionable act or quote, and vote in the poll to move on to yet another strange story.

What the heck was Ben Affleck thinking when he told Vanity Fair that his fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, "in the physical sense (is) extremely chaste"?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
She's a chip off the virtuous block.
A. "When you get past the video of me rubbing her butt, the green dress at the Grammy's and the nude perfume ads, we're looking at a very prude girl."

B. "Just because she's Jenny from the block doesn't mean Jenny's been around the block."

C. "Granted, she'll get engaged before her divorce ink is dry. ... But still, she's very a chaste girl."

D. "It's almost to the point where she won't engage in any intimate relations unless she has a gun to her head. She must've learned that from Puffy."

E. "Most guys aren't willing to do it in a room filled with handlers, assistants, and yes-men, so she's had a limited amount of lovers."

F. "I'll say anything to get rid of her. That way I can continue my co-star feeding frenzy and shack up with Jennifer Garner."


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