What was Brett Bodine's wife thinking?
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What the heck was the wife of NASCAR driver Brett Bodine thinking when she was charged with making harassing phone calls and threatening a female employee of Hooter's restaurant chain whom she suspected was involved with her husband?

Brett Bodine
"My wife won't serve me dinner in those little orange shorts, anymore."
A. "I absolutely believe Brett when he says he only goes to Hooters for the comfort food and festive wall art."

B. "She's just using Brett for his money so that she can 'get the other one done.' "

C. "I knew something was suspicious when I found that huge stash of wet-naps in Brett's glove compartment."

D. "Sure, the chicken wings there are good. But nine-times-a-week good?"

E. "Perhaps NASCAR would be safer if the walls were made out of the same material as this woman's breasts."

F. "I don't understand why my husband, a sophisticated NASCAR driver, would even go into a place like that."


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