What was Bruce Froemming thinking?
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What the heck was umpire Bruce Froemming thinking when he used an anti-semitic slur against a female Major League Baseball exec?

Bruce Froemming
Bruce's bigotry earned him a 10-day suspension.
A. "Am I meeting Rocker or Schott for lunch today?"

B. "Memo to self: Next time Shawn Green, Brad Ausmus, or Gabe Kapler steps into the batter's box, take two steps back."

C. "What's the big deal -- it's not like my last name sounds like I'm straight out of 1939 Nazi Germany."

D. "It's not that I don't like Jews. I just resent the way they hoard their money, rule Hollywood, and exert their vice-like control on the banking industry."

E. "How come when Shaq says stuff like that, everybody just chuckles?"

F. "It'd be one thing if the commissioner of baseball were Jewish ... Oh wait a sec, he is?"


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