What was David Wells thinking?
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What the heck was David Wells thinking when he said he was "half-drunk" during his perfect game in his "autobiography," then claimed he was "misquoted"?

David Wells
"At least I left out that Steinbrenner was totally drunk when he re-signed me."
A. "What I meant to say was that Jeter was half-drunk for my perfect game. I was completely sauced."

B. "Let's just say my spitter had some Jaegermeister residue on it."

C. "I'm tired of these half-truths appearing in print. From now on, I'm refusing to talk to myself."

D. "I would've been completely drunk if it weren't for the six cheeseburgers, five burritos, and four slices of pizza I had before the game."

E. "You know, there was a part of me that was "Half-sober" during that game and nobody's saying word one about that."

F. "I have a no-trade clause, right?"


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